Destroy your Desktop! Free Game Download!

Let your frustrations out!! The Desktop Destruction Game Free Game Download.

Desktop Destroyer, also known as the Desktop Destruction Game is a free game download. Yes, a free game download! So you can download it and play! Destroying your desktop can be fun and good for getting out your frustrations and anger management! How creative are you at destroying your desktop?? Use a chain-saw, machine gun, flame thrower, and other tools of virtual destruction! Reduce your stress with this freeware game! You’ll probably feel better once you’ve destroyed your desktop!

To download the game, click the link below (or right click and choose “save as”):

Download Here:
Desktop Destruction Game

It will take a couple of minutes to download (it’s about 1.22mb, if that means anything to you). Enjoy!

Download Desktop Destroyer! Free!

Use these tools to destroy your desktop!

Note: By downloading this game, you agree to the following:

  • As per the Terms & Conditions of this website, cannot be held  responsible for anything that happens to you or your computer with respect to the game. This website is probably the most famous place on the Internet to download the Desktop Destroyer game so it should be fun to play!
  • Some of you may have anti-virus software that thinks it’s a virus (typically because it’s an .exe file). You don’t have to worry as this file is not harmful in a malware kind of way. Some people say that their Mcafee Anti-virus software says it contains a virus but it doesn’t. The file is from the 1990s and could hardly do any damage to a modern computer even if it were harmful.
  • We also have other free game downloads.


  1. Abraham.Mea |

    I will try to enjoy

  2. coolio445 |

    i love desktop destruction!!! its sooooo cool! :D

  3. Awesomeness |

    pretty coolio….. kinda fun…

  4. slik |

    sooooooo cool

  5. judie |

    what kind of age for good to play this game

  6. Jc |

    It is cool and I like this game

  7. LYSSA |


  8. jtewen |

    i cant get it off this page

  9. marielle roy |


  10. sam |

    this rocks

  11. jacky campbell |

    it awesome game i hope you get more destroyer game so we can downloaded and play

  12. alina |

    it is really good

  13. jack |

    is it free?

  14. lukeypee |

    i love desktop games its cool :D but on my friends computer grrrr
    my computer no work :( :(

    O . O
    : :

  15. ship boy |

    its exelent but just 1 or 2 wepons needed to make it a bit better :)

  16. wicked |

    this is the best ever 5*****

  17. pipo777 |

    this would be better if you had version for the mac…

    because I have seen this on youtube and It’s really cool just, I have a mak so I can’t download :(

  18. Gregory |

    I love this game by the way how do I make a desktop icon??

  19. josh |

    how do u download it??

  20. robert |


  21. ben |

    it so cool but cant play it at home dunno y tho

  22. lorissa |

    Where can i find the christmas version of the desktop destroyer

  23. eeeemmmaaa |

    how do you eve download it what link

  24. ivan 640 |

    The game is way cool but it needs more weapons.

  25. DD |


  26. fojofojo |

    omfg i love this!

  27. nathan |


  28. poisin |

    this game rocks i used to always play this game but it was deleted off the computer and ive been trying to find this game forever

  29. Nabin |

    it is so cool

  30. courtney souter |

    i think it looks really fun

  31. Jon |

    Its so cool

  32. duyde |

    I have vista and when i download it it says i have no permission when i put admin pass.

  33. gman |

    its really cool but it wont download so i have to kepp googleing it and click the download just to play,but other than that this is awsome

  34. Jewel |

    Its awsome because I watched my friend play it. But I cant get the desktop icon.

  35. Bailz |

    how do u download it ?? :)

  36. nile |

    how do i download it?

  37. walter |

    So Cool. This is the best ever.

  38. this game is cool |

    how do you use it on other websites? by the way its cool!!!!!!!

  39. ricky |


  40. hamed |

    Game earned.

  41. hamed |


  42. nick |

    How do I download?

  43. tyler |

    It is cool.

  44. Cerindris Nenharma |

    It’s pretty cool but nothing to get exited about.

  45. NICK!!! |

    I have already downloaded it but have to agree with IVAN 640 it needs a bucket load of more weapons!! The best thing about it is when you put termites on the screen and just blow the little suckers up (i whish there was more games like this).

  46. jonno |

    It’s the best thing ever.

  47. danny |

    this game is so awesome and creative

  48. lorraine bell |

    It looks like the destruction game is good.

  49. saleh |

    oh! I think its a great thing to destroy a computer. I realy love it. Because I am a compyter engineer.

  50. joshua wigley |

    It is a great game. Play it on your desktop!! (It is the best game I ever played)!

  51. sian kelly |

    I think this is the coolest game ever.

  52. ilyas11 |

    Will it destroy your computer for real?

  53. jordan |

    How do you download it?

  54. peyton |

    I can’t download it!

  55. will |

    It’s not letting me download.

  56. logan |

    How do i make it into a shortcut on my desktop.

  57. Colton |

    Where do you download the game i’ve tried 2 times reading the terms of service but now what?

  58. Alex |

    To play, you go and click on Desktop Destruction Game.

  59. Rachel |

    Is it permanant? If it isn’t, will it effect other users desktops on your computer?

  60. jacKo |

    Agree with the terms and conditions and click Desktop Destruction Game.

  61. ashley |


  62. xavier |


  63. moonwalk |

    Guys its a real enemy for your PC. Cool

  64. Callum |

    How do you download it?

  65. Josh |

    ilyas11, I have it, but deleted it. On accident… I was a little kid and messing around with the computer. Then I finally remembered the name. No it does NOT destroy your computer for real. Everything will freeze, use things, wash it, or just right click then press Esc. It will go back to normal. If you dont wash it and exit, it will go away auto.

  66. Allison |

    It doesnt work for me. I tried downloading it but its make my macafee pop up and deletes it.

  67. Hannah |

    This game is so cool it has the funkiest stuff on ever!

  68. diego mejia |

    this a really cool looking game that they made!!!!!!!!

  69. idiot78 |

    how do u download

  70. gurdeepsingh |

    Agree with the terms and conditions and click Desktop Destruction Game

  71. Hay |

    You click the game and save it!!!

  72. Todd |

    I had this game on my old Gateway2000 and I finally found it again! I LOVE THIS GAME!

  73. chris |

    it is really cool

  74. chris |

    cool it is cool i think everybody should know about this

  75. chris |

    Destkop games are awesome!

  76. jack |

    how do you activate it when you press esc

  77. Adam |

    Hey I downloaded it but how do you play when you restart your computer? Do you have a desktop icon? Please help! And btw to download this game click on Desktop Destruction Game, its in blue text and the download should start.

  78. alexkozy |

    It won’t let me download. My mcafee thing deletes it.

  79. Edward Bowden |

    I think it is awesome!!!!!

  80. chris |

    It’s fun!

  81. rashel |

    It’s not letting me download it. Mcfee is not letting me download it! *cries*

  82. michal |

    Every time I down load it, something pops up in like Chinese.

  83. jared |

    the game is osom

  84. joanne |

    i tryed it and i destroyed all of cp

  85. leandro oktaviano darmiyando |

    This game is cool?? But how to download it???

  86. Josh |

    (this is the coolest game ever)

  87. lukas |

    I love this game i used to play it as a little kid and remembered it. Man good times. this game Rocks!

  88. Rexx |

    This is the awesomeesed game ever! My friends love it and if you get a screen buddie you can destroy him to! Someone said that there was the xmas version. Please tell me if it’s true or not!

  89. Amanda |

    How do you download it?! >:O Tell meeeee please ;(

  90. Angela Joanna Chikiamco |

    It’s too cool!

  91. Blue Kinz1 |

    Hi world. The game is awesome. So cool! I destroy club penguin and poptropica. WY!

  92. Jacob |

    Even though it shows it as a virus: Joke.StressRelive
    it is NOT a virus. it did not change my Computer in ANY WAY expect add a frigging exe file.

  93. matrixmusix2000 |

    I set a photo of my enemy as a desktop background and then I let loose.

    Have fun!!!

  94. ben |

    It’s annoying since I have a mac and when I download it and try an open it all this Asian stuff pops up.

  95. Keanne |

    It was awesome!!!!!

  96. michael |

    The game is super cool but can I keep it on my computer so any time I want to play, I can just activate it or do I have to come back here and download it over and over?

  97. dino |

    i know how to download it you just see above the icon says desktop destraction game clik it and download it and it does not effect your desktop for real!!

  98. Max |

    it is the second best game ever in my life

  99. adel :D |


  100. chris |

    Just click the desktop destructinon game highlited in blue.

  101. angelachiki |

    Wow! This is cooler than I expected! This is great!

  102. George |

    It let’s me play for one time but doesn’t let me download it.

  103. con |

    great but on the down side you cant just click a button to bring it back up

  104. Chris |

    It takes stress away! lol

  105. aithan aballe |

    that was cool

  106. redlove2000 |

    It’s awesome! I saw it on Youtube and I can’t wait to get it!

  107. Joe |

    I tried and it’s cool theres a machine gun and a dangerouse chain-saw it’s awesome!

  108. Olivia |

    This is so cool! I’ll tell you what, it does NOT blow up your computer for real. It’s the greatest game everrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  109. Joe |

    It’s awesome there’s a fearsome flametrower and phaser awesome!
    you better see it chris awesome.

  110. sushmanth |

    It is very, very coooooooool!

  111. ryan richardson |

    I put a pic of my ex-girlfriend on as my desktop and destroyed it! LOL!

  112. Mia |

    Wow!!!! This is cool. I was on a game then I used the it and I killed my character lol

  113. dudompokdw |

    Note: It is not permanent. When you hit “ESC” it disappears! And its freaking awesome!

  114. junaid |

    Fun, cool thx :-)

  115. rashel |

    I’ll try to download it *sniffles*

  116. rashel |

    *CRIES* IT STILL WON’T LET ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAA!

  117. rashel |

    *cries* I wish I didn’t have mcafee!

  118. Koopa Joe |

    Awesome!!!! It’s so awesome!!! I tried and it’s awesome infinity times!

  119. tristan |


  120. Max |

    This is awesome! It’s funny and fun!!!

  121. rashel |

    mcafee is so bad to me! *cries*

  122. blackear5k |

    When I download it, I cannot come back to it. Why?

  123. Brendan |

    It doesnt work for me. I tried downloading it but its make my mcafee pop up and deletes it.

  124. Ben |

    It’s the coolest game everrrr!

  125. rashel |


  126. Andydu |

    Does it work for mac?

  127. Junaid Butt |

    You can download this game from given description “Desktop Destruction Game” above the picture.

  128. Wyatt |


  129. NANING222 |


  130. Wash |

    It’s the best game in the world!

  131. Maria |

    I dowloaded it , but now I can’t get back on it someone!!!! and it’s so awsome but I have keep dowloading it to get on it.

  132. Kanisushi |

    Try disabling your Mcafee.

  133. speedy10056 |

    Termites ate my screen ahhhhhhhhh!

  134. bob |

    Bob thinks it’s cool.

  135. Danny |


  136. Simeon |

    Hooray! I downloaded it :D

  137. April |

    I want to download this software because they said its awesome! Thanks!

  138. Reece |

    How come every time I go on this I have to download it again

  139. misifufis |

    Last time I used this, the page was different.

  140. Jack |

    You can download this game from given description “Desktop Destruction Game” above the picture.

  141. kali |

    Could my computer crash if I download this?

  142. clare |


  143. diego |


  144. BrianX |

    misifufis – The site relaunched with a new design in June 2009.

  145. Biswaxx |

    How do you download it?

  146. stele |

    I do not now how to dowload it?

  147. gytis |

    Now that is AWESOME! I mean AWESOME. I can see it now… my windows is taking a risk for it’s own desktop wonderful! Lots of sound.

  148. gytis |

    Not cool but awesome!!! You know I think you have a big brian! This is for you brianx:

    ! !
    ! !
    ! !
    ! !
    ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  149. Jesse |

    The best game on the world.

  150. Jordan |

    I can use it when I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. Oliver |

    this game is fully awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  152. Jonathan |

    This is the sickest thing in the world! I tricked my cousin with his new computer i made the screen all black and he was like wtf.

  153. savannah |

    yay i made a vid on youtube of (tipping the ice berg)

  154. chris32323 |

    if you have mcafee disable it and it wont crash your pc and download it twice for laptop………

  155. kieran |

    its well good i saw another persons coment and i guess they were on club penguin because iam as well!

  156. Christopher |

    How to download : Google Chrome only!
    when it shows up, click the arrow, click show in folder, it will show it highlighted, drag it to the desktop and DOWNLOADED!

  157. cp killer! |

    this rox my lil brother laughs his head off at this game and when ever he sees a bunny he says kill now!

  158. maxsavage45 |

    Off the chain!!!!!!

  159. Breanna Hardaway |

    Its so awesome.

  160. free games download |

    wow this is an old game I almost forgot about.

  161. shannon |

    I downloaded it and it rules :) If you can’t download it click “run” instead. :) It’s awesome!!!! So what did you all think of the game??

  162. Marcus Akin |

    I thought is was bloody brillant!!!! Im 35 and i thought it was the best game EVER!!!! :)

  163. Mail Leppeonk |

    I cant download it. Wheres the link?

  164. Microsoft |

    This will not crash your computer and no it does not work for macs.

  165. Pegin2439 |

    Well, I love it try this: Go to the windows out thing and click on it 2 times to shoot the desktop destruction!

  166. fn |

    This is the best game ever made. Make a second one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  167. Bandbrand1012 |

    How do you download this?

  168. jessie gillespie |

    Do you have to keep going on this website before you can destroy?

  169. eyeball |

    This is awsum!!!!!!

  170. Seb01 |

    With mcafee, just click on the little arrow and then click the middle option. That’s what I did and I have mcafee. Anyway, the game is good.

  171. MichaelJackson |

    BEST THING EVER INVENTED! I can let my soul crush everything! CitynetMagazine make more stuff!

  172. Rose Wilson |

    I love this. Besides, Desktop Destroyer and I are married. We had kids. Our first kid is Kevin. Our second is Annie. Our third is Vince. Last but not least, our fourth is IvyLee. We are working on fifth and sixth. I know it’s a lot but I love kids. I’m a people person.

  173. kali |

    how do you get off of it? cuz i have no idea how

  174. kali |

    how do you turn it off?

  175. awsomest person in the world |

    I love this game and I am so lucky I don’t have mcafee.

  176. flynn |

    How do you download it?

  177. amanda |

    IT ROKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  178. billy |

    Can one of you help me? I can’t find where to download it :s

  179. adam |

    How do you use it? I downloaded it and all but where do you go to use it?

  180. The Citizens Shadows |

    Doesn’t work on windows vista. I really liked it. I had it on windows 98. But I upgraded. Thanks.

  181. davey |

    Is there a second game with new weapons and stuff like that? I really like it and it’d be cool to have a second game.

  182. Adam |

    It’s cool as I’ve downloaded this once.

  183. kali |

    it works but i cant find it ever again and i cant get off it. how can i get it back and close it? i have downloaed it but it still dosent work for me. and i don’t have mcafee.

  184. kali |

    p.s. ITS AWSOME

  185. Gingervitus |

    I think it’s Fantastic!

  186. jake |

    It’s awesome!

  187. nidaoke |

    coolest thing in the world is there a second one

  188. Sutton |

    If you can’t find where to download click on thes link :) … Desktop Destruction Game

  189. cool dude |

    this is gr8 thx desk top games its gr8 thx agen

  190. cezbatain |

    can i play desktop games?????????????????????????????????????????…………………………………………………………………………………

  191. Scotty |

    How the heck do I download it?

  192. Tom Bennett |

    This is wicked and brilliant!!!!!!!!

  193. Anthony |

    I like it! It was so awesome! If you didnt know how to turn it off, press the ESC button on your keyborad two times and there u go!Now you can enjoy on the internet.

  194. RUDY |

    rudy and henri
    says: This is wicked and brilliant!!!!!!!!

  195. extreme989 |

    where do you download?

  196. Chris |

    I like it wowwwwwwwwwwww!

  197. abdul |

    itz cool!!!!

  198. Hihi |

    I love the stress relief. It rocks!

  199. Jared |

    I love this!

  200. meeeee |

    its amazing i put 5 cracks in the iceberg on cp then when i really logged in it had 5 cracks LOL OMG

  201. Gianna |

    I have McAfee. I want to download this great games but a note keeps coming up saying remove this and that. What is wrong, why can’t i download it? Please help me!

  202. charlotte |

    I luv this its so cool :D

  203. Morgan |

    Do you have any desktop games where it has UFOs, bombs, hammers, or kissies and stuff like that?

  204. Classified |

    Cool game ;) couldnt go wrong , (8)

  205. joanne |

    i want it badly can i have desctop games!?

  206. Paul |

    how do yyou download it

  207. Joseph |

    Your website is ace!

  208. Mike |

    cool! Its awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

  209. richardeva |

    very good game

  210. gfun |

    very funny game…..!!!

  211. toby mclean |

    this game is great

  212. FinnVogelaar |

    i love this game and it’s really cool

  213. kaleb |

    this game totally rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  214. Stickman |

    Cool I always see it on vids on youtube. I always wonder where people get it.

  215. Tye Miller |

    It is the cooliest thing ever.

  216. mandy212 |

    I love the hammer and the chain saw and the laser fun!

  217. mandy212 |

    iwelll this destop destroyer is so fun!well i always saw it on youtube who wants to tip the ice berg:)

  218. candy226 |

    i love this thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  219. candy226 |

    it rocks =)

  220. tiffany(cherry75755 on cp,dizzy2154 on dw & TIFFANYLUZ ON SPLODER |

    I have a notebook and a home computer.I downloaded it on the home computer and I’m very happy with it.So happy that after I post this I am going to download it!By the way,someone told me that the christmas version has spyware.If it’s true please fix it because I want to download it if it even exists.Thanx!

  221. man |


  222. Ashwin |

    This site is awesome!

  223. oliver |

    if you destroy a pic of a person, then laser the eyes lol they look like a zombie

  224. charlie 123 |

    i whant to no how to get it it looks really good my friends got it can enyone help me plz!!!!!!!

  225. ali hasnain |

    nice games

  226. abdulla |

    this is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwsome

  227. nitin soni |

    really its very funny!!!!!!!!!

  228. bellysurfer |

    Is there a program like this for mac? If there isn’t could you please make one:)

  229. Denzel |

    How do you get back on it?

  230. Razer |

    This is cool!

  231. Proemi |


  232. Dave. |

    COOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!! LOL!

  233. steven |

    its soo cool!

  234. nitin |


  235. cian |

    once you have dowloaded it how do you open it

  236. Lee |

    I don’t know i realy want to destroy my desktop but I am thinking of not
    at the same time thing thats weird to you?

  237. david |

    best desktop game EVER!!!

  238. trozor |

    easy and very funny!!!! lol

  239. joe bro98 |

    are there any other versions with different weapons???????
    the original is getting abit boring

  240. wow |

    wow i like it , awsome game :D

  241. jason |

    it is so cool it is like awsome

  242. Amer |


  243. aj |

    i jut like killing the ants once i put em there

  244. Noahrulz08 |


  245. Paris Mims |

    Nice game

  246. painfulyawesome |

    awesoem games its sooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  247. Cariann |

    This site is awesome!!!!!!!

  248. Mikaela |

    This game rox the worl!!! Best game I have on my laptop!!!

  249. Nahurlez |

    Its ***** good

  250. Spikal |

    very very very cool downloed

  251. dunno |

    cool game,r there ani others?

  252. bob |

    this game is the best game ever and people who do not play ia are not cool

  253. secret fan |

    that is soooooooooo coooooooooool
    i found away to impress everybody !

  254. naomi |

    i woud love to play this

  255. distiny hope cyrus |

    super, cooool, tare.

  256. COOL |


  257. gauravsingh |

    i can not download any game pls send me instrctions 2 dwnld

  258. jake |

    just type in desktop destroyer or stress relif there is also numba 2 of this game

  259. Adam |

    how do u download it????????

  260. Matthew |

    awesome game wickd

  261. Christopher Hopton |

    This game is great for getting rid of stress man this game great

  262. Gavin |

    Awesome gAme!! how do u create a shortcut on ur desktop…I have no Idea???!!??

  263. revanth |


  264. hannah |

    i saw this on youtube and i think im gonna down load it

  265. kiba soul wasanga |

    This is so easy to find KIBAAAAA SOULLL FIGHTER HOWLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!11

  266. samia |

    i dont now how to download is for cp .help me to download iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  267. JUSTIN |

    how do you use it on a diferent website

  268. hamid |

    the best game ever

  269. Brandon |

    Wow! this rocks sooooooooooooooo much! i smashed my computer’s downloading crap and my dad almost killed me

  270. Mario |

    When you exit the game, the mess is cleared
    :) You Can Exit By Pressing Escape?

  271. ANDY |

    hmmmm………….ther is noting i can say except ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
    GOOD. EHM….

  272. hunter |

    its soooooooooooo fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  273. coolgirl |

    :( HOW do you do IT????????????

  274. shelly |

    Wait can this give you a virus?

  275. Nicole |

    Awesome…!! Very Quick!

  276. john |


  277. acboy21 |

    OMG this is too funny! its super funny how the termites got squished by the stamp!

  278. Ayub |

    that game is so cool

  279. jbomb |

    i have a MAC and i cant download it:(

  280. brooke |

    what do you click on to download the game desktop???

  281. sydney |

    i have a problem after i uploaded it i restarted it and i can’t find it now

  282. calum |

    to download it u need 2 click desktop destruction above the picture of the items

  283. Zaci Lopolianasamolapolis |

    How do i download this

  284. micah |

    hi desktop games people

  285. micah |

    save as

  286. ffwew |

    sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun!

  287. Jeff |

    how do you get it to work for mac?

  288. robert hatwell |

    i can down load it but wont let me use it…how do i use it?

  289. voltagedewhead |


  290. kevin |


  291. iffah |


  292. yummytummyscurmy |

    i agree coolgirl how do u do it???????????????????/

  293. lol |

    how do i play this again without download it a bunch of times

  294. kobe |

    how do you get back on to it

  295. jesse rocks |


  296. casey |

    i loe this i love it alot

  297. jacob |

    all i want is this game.

  298. saad92 |

    guys this is awesome

  299. jeff |

    thx alot!

  300. Caitlin Babeyy |

    it would be good if u could get onto diffrent levels but awell :@

  301. hugh |

    I love going on it.I injoy it its so fun

  302. Elana |

    I love this game because you can hammer people you do’t like in their pictures

  303. Cory |

    I only played it when i was a kid but i shall download it today but it may already may be in my computor by the time anyone reads this.P.S I forgot to say i am in love with this game…by!!!!

  304. Tomoko |

    This game is amazing.. ME and my familly used to play it years ago, but than we accidentely deleted it. Its nice to have it around again ^^

  305. mitch |

    i think that this game is awesome and i want to download it

  306. pelsin |

    im sure im gona have fun

  307. krisi |

    I have 1 question! where can I download the game?

  308. Sophie |

    How to you close it everytime i click the X its trashes it.

  309. louisormston |

    i love it i want it

  310. RY |

    I like ti it should have more weapons like a bomb, or a computer virus, when you place it it eats a lot of your desktop and there is only matrix(falling numbers)on the place where you placed it!

  311. Blake |

    iv always wanted to play this

  312. sebastian |

    is bery cool your program

  313. NY |

    Where I can download this game????

  314. louisbyrne |

    I think that this game is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  315. Migz |

    Try holding 1 while holding left mouse button
    tada you got a jackhammur

  316. mike |

    i love it its just like killing well everything

  317. kyran |

    plane awsome

  318. owen |

    i like this game it is fun

  319. gabe |

    im just downloading it………….

  320. mackenzie |

    how do you get more tool i only have the hammer????? plz tell me!!!

  321. joseph |

    I downloaded it,but i can figure out how to use it!
    I need some one to help me!

  322. jasmin |

    ive always wanted this program!

  323. Elvis |

    This is so wix i just downloaded it yestaday its so good

  324. harry |

    how do you download it

  325. will |

    i love it it is the best

  326. kenan |

    it is virus it is safe

  327. Debasish |

    Wonderful game.. just think one of those days when your PC drives you nuts and you want to knock out the monitor…. he he Loveeee ittt
    I serached for this game and again I have it now… Thanks to this website

  328. leopold |

    how do you download it

  329. bekim |

    where download the game

  330. n mon |

    mcafee wont let me download it ;'(

  331. nem0oy |

    goodd program

  332. Erin |

    Awesome gamee!!!

  333. vag |


  334. ryan |

    this game is cool

  335. jeffleo |

    to kirisi here! and to sophia tou prees esc two times and……….this game is in the top 5 good games!:)

  336. leish9 |

    its awsome killed jacob black from twilight cuz i hate him and i made a vid on cp about it what more could i want . ps. i want more cool stuff like that

  337. johjn alex |

    i like playin with stress reducer it has the cahainsaw and the termites i like playing with the termites and then i used the flame thrower.

  338. james |

    i like the flame frower.

  339. Adam |

    my friend has dis game and now ive got it AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  340. Jasdij Reniel G. Reyes |

    I want that game!!!!!!

  341. Rajesh Pancholy |

    this game has high-graphics

  342. Mauibear |

    I love it! when I get mad, I know what to do…

  343. Brody |

    Totally awesome game prob best ever!

  344. richard vallance |

    i am going to love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  345. richard vallance |

    it looks fun but we will have to wait and see.

  346. amelia |

    i love this i cant believe this it is fun

  347. dinorah |

    wow esto es fantastico

  348. ritesh |

    this is my favourite desktop game

  349. jason xu |

    awesome game my frinde told me about it and he had it himself

  350. benji |

    oh my god what a game

  351. football8977 |

    do i have to enter in the credot card # and all that other stuff? or can i try it without that????????!

  352. cj |

    does it destroy ur computer like the hard drive or something???

  353. Ant |

    To answer all your questions:
    To quit it press escape twice
    To change weapons press number keys 1-9
    To speed things up hold the number of the weapon and hold click
    To download right click Desktop Destruction Game>Save Target As!

  354. harri |

    does it give the computer viruses?

  355. rezo |

    its my favourite desktop games

  356. nikita |

    Hi I think desktop distruction is so cool I would recomend it to everyone!!!!!!!!

  357. natjohn12 |

    how do you get back on it

  358. dylan |

    i want 2 play the game

  359. wills |

    I want to get it

  360. YOU |

    Question: I want to get it

    Answer: click on blue DESKTOP DESTRUCTION GAME and it will download

    Comment: its funny destroying desktop especialy hammer and gun

  361. national champs |

    desktop destroyer is so awesome its the best desktop game iv e ever played DOWNLOAD IT

  362. gta tbogt |

    this is awesome!!!! thx 2 whoever thought of it

  363. Daphne |

    Please download the best desktop game ever!!! Just download it.

  364. jack1241 |

    brill good great love it always will download it by clicking on the blue writing adbove the pic of the software u want to download

  365. HIM |

    cool cool coool coolcool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool 110%

  366. Sergio |

    what the hell is the stamp for?popooopoopopopopopopo

  367. Sergio |


  368. Sergio |


  369. tyler |

    i really want it becuse i saw it on the youtube and it looks so cool

  370. konstadinos |

    Its very good i love it !!

  371. raz |

    this is a sick game kwl

  372. nick |

    this game is awesome but it gets boring after you play it a long time but it really is a fun game

  373. Devin |

    Please help me
    It says that its not a valid Win32 application

  374. Devin |

    Can you play it on windows 7?

  375. shaq |

    hi hi this this game game is is cool cool cool cool

  376. autumnraine2000 |

    i love this game!!!!!!!!

  377. The Creator |

    My Mcafee said it was a PUP,(POTENTIONALY UNWANTED PROGRAM)but i trusted it!

  378. Luke |

    that game is awsome rockout

  379. the prodigy |

    people you have to play this game trust me it s a good game

  380. sam carr |

    wow i am bored ok lol

  381. anusha |

    people this games is so fun u could actually destroy your desktop how cool is that

  382. tereza |

    this is the best game i has ever played hahahahahaha

  383. carly |

    this game is so cool you can bring up the termites and then kill them with a saw gub or hammer
    i can smash up video gmaes i hate :)

  384. sarah |

    how the hell do i download this game!!! tell me please i need to knowww!!!

  385. Kamran Khan Burdi Baloch |

    really it is a good game ..

  386. alvaro |

    desktop games are really cool and it is my favorite game.

  387. riksis2 |

    what hapens when you have do this game how you quit when you quit every thing is normal again

  388. Alex |

    wow! i can destroy onkine games and make famous vids with this!

  389. tyler |

    i saw it on youtube and it showed me the name of it
    so this is how i found desktop

  390. Sarah |

    What I like to do is put lots of termites on there and kill them all.

  391. alex |


  392. hi |

    i know how to use that just click the desktop destruction game then click save file then you will see the downloads and double click the fdd.exe and click ok and run thats it…

  393. coprs |

    this is so cool

  394. coprs |

    what do you do after download

  395. trent |

    i think desktop destroyer is the most awsome game ever and you should make a trillagy of them

  396. kalem |

    i love that game


    i think it is one of best funny tools for my it and trust is very fine software.

  398. shaun |

    how do u download the desk top destroyer

  399. braxton |

    i would love to enjoy this game to but i just cant find where on this website to download it at can someone plz help me :(!

  400. bhera |

    i dont get it because im stressed its funn and well just funn

  401. Mosser1234 |

    the termites are the best lol :)

  402. Jack Watt |

    hi there i really would like this desktop destroyer beacause i saw someone destroying the iceburg on you tube and i would like to do it thats why i want to download this softwere

  403. mr T |

    yo i saw this on you tube and i would like to play it for real so listen it gets the stress outta me its a stress remover so can i please get it :)

  404. AWS |

    Question: I want to get it

    Answer: click on blue DESKTOP DESTRUCTION GAME and it will download

    Comment: its funny destroying desktop especialy hammer and gun


  405. azs |

    i know how to use that just click the desktop destruction game then click save file then you will see the downloads and double click the fdd.exe and click ok and run thats it…

  406. monkeyice |

    i want to tip the iceberg so badly the fun way so awesome so i can get alot of coins cuz i saw it on youtube oy yt!

  407. gabriel |

    thanks for desktop games !

  408. dawood |

    i love it a lot so so so so much much ok kk

  409. cat647 |

    best desktop game EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  410. dominic |

    this will be the most coolest thing ever in my life and i hope its good

  411. Anonim |

    Is the best game of desktop destruction ever !! But sometimes in the hammer just appear the lines of crashed (the hammer doesnt move)

  412. Perry |

    OSM GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i luv it i use it lotz of timez on handipointz wen i get mad (that nver happens much thou cuz im pop on handi) but i use it ALOT itz soooo fun lol xDDDD

  413. boris |

    itsso coool

  414. noah |

    this ROCKS!!!

  415. Nick |

    this is the best game ever

  416. usdf |

    awesome iv never saw that

  417. Brb |

    the coolest game i ever play and fun for all ages

  418. baila97 |

    i love this game very much and its so cool

  419. Perry |


  420. Perry |


  421. raghav |

    will there be new weapons?

  422. ken |

    how do you get out of desktop destryoyer?

  423. Kathryn S |

    My cousin showed this to me years ago and I just now remembered it. My favorite thing to do is cover the screen with termites and then smash them with a hammer! … That’s not weird is it? XD
    This game rocks, but remember that it’s best used with a white background!

  424. A WELSH GUY |

    really good definautly recomended for destroying images of justin bieber i do it all the time!!

  425. Walesguy |

    It’s really good and addicting I recomend destroying pictures you hate:()

  426. Praman |

    Wow what a game

  427. me |

    this is brilliant! i use this on a picture of miley cyrus and set it in my faveorites as “miley cyrus destroyer” LOL LOL

  428. Charlene Aguas |

    I like this game. I already played this game before at our school at FEU Fern College. This game is my favorite.

  429. methirran |

    its really good and addicting i recomend destroying pictures you hate :)

  430. methirran |

    its really cool and i can have fun playing it helps me to cool down stress

  431. lourika |

    i love dis game it ‘s osm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  432. Charlene Aguas |

    Nice. Good. Fantastic. Cool. Fun. Love. Cool. Good. Nice. Fantastic. Nice. Good. Fantastic. Cool. Fun. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. Great. Great.Great. Great. Great. Cool. Cool. Good. Good.Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Nice. Nice. Nice. Nice. Nice. Nice. Nice.Good. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good. Nice. Nice. Nice. Nice. Nice. Nice. Nice. Nice. Nice.Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool

  433. oliver |

    can i get my desktop back affter

  434. Me |

    I’m sure it would be fun, If I used windows….. I’m a Mac user, and proud of it.

  435. mr.kenedy |

    haha… now i will kill justin bieber

  436. Ex User |

    Not such much stress reliever when you want to get it off your PC! Backup encountered a problem while backing up file C:WindowsSystem32configsystemprofileDesktop Destroyer

    Anyone know how to solve that?

  437. sammy |

    it is the best how can I thank U?

  438. Jacob |

    to exit the game Press ESC

  439. ice kung fu |

    this is cool i want to tip the iceberg right now

  440. yash |

    its a brilliant game aesome means i dont have words to say

  441. MasterIcarus9000 |

    cool weapons

  442. westley |

    how do you play it

  443. linitis |

    look-some how, I could not get it to run on my computer. It is a Mac, if that’s whats wrong, I don’t know. Whenever I try to run it, it just comes up as a document in Japanese. Can someone help me out here?

  444. Kenneth Lee |

    Ita awesome! i like the machine guns which shoots like…… BBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great! I love it!

  445. zhun ming |

    this game is fantastic got hammer,machine gun,flame trower and many more download this game now!!:)

  446. Nathman |

    That is 1 awsome game!!!!

  447. Weird_Thing |

    Ok never mind people I gotz it to work!!! OMG it is sooo fun!!!! This is Zap_Person hea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HALLA!!!!!!!!!!!

  448. Ghost_Gurl |

    This is soo great for when i get mad at my brothers!!!! Now I can just go to a pic of them,and go to the link. Then I can *DESTROY* thier faces! Hehehe lolz. Text meeeeeee!!!!!!

  449. Rolnti Rolnt |


  450. junaid |

    thank u.thanku thank u very much iam finding this game for long months.

  451. Anthony |

    This site is awsome! Did I say awsome? yes I did. Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  452. Nuke7 |

    This is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

  453. tamchef |

    it cool but onec you play it to much it gets boring

  454. fredster7788 |

    i love the desktop destroyer so cool! hope there can be a second one with more things

  455. sam |

    this is sick

  456. willk |

    how do you get the tools list up?

  457. keanu |

    this is soooooooooo cool

  458. jorden21 |

    this is so cool i saw one of my friends use tis games its tight imma try to download it <3

  459. saibrat |

    cooooooooooool gameever i like when we let out termites and kill them

  460. James |

    i destroyed your site mwhhaaaa

  461. lelouch |

    i needed to play this one again :)

  462. kima |

    any other games like this one or any 3d animations for desktop like a dog walking or smhn

  463. dylan |

    i cant find the desktop game on my home page

  464. Ahmed |

    very verry awsooooome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) :D

  465. susuke3563 |

    this awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really freaking cool i said reallyfreakin”

  466. susuke3563 |

    reall awesome guys who agree say i

  467. susuke3563 |

    to get the tools list up left click the mouse

  468. Elena |

    Will It Really Destroy Your Desktop? Or Is Is Just A Background?

  469. luka |

    fdd is awsome but it could use more wepons

  470. maxime robichaud |


  471. John00 |

    i can’t downloads it but i went to ma cuhz’iez house and saw him play it, i tried and i a kinda struggled!

  472. joe |

    the desktop destroyer rocks its the best thing i have ever downloaded in my life thank you

  473. joe |

    now i cant download it my anti-virus says threat detected but i dont know how everyone else got it

  474. Dave |

    its awesome thing 4 passing time

  475. Ethan Carlton |

    it is the best thing to download in the entire enternet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  476. cat |

    doess it work on macs

  477. Greggorydat |

    where can i find desktop destroyer 2?

  478. Ashton106 |

    I really like it

  479. kyle |

    i like it

  480. Thysysyt |

    Set bacground pic to someone or something U HATE like a poltician, a vegtable, (be creative) and smash it :) great stress relief

  481. Kelly |

    I LOVE this game!!! It is stress relief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  482. alex |

    this game ROCKS!!!!!!!

  483. hamiz |

    this game are good to play,this is my best game its so fun

  484. kee jing yi |

    wheres the download button? well if u tip the ice berg u will get a POWER PUFFLE!

  485. AngKhaiYang |

    this game rules! this i my favourite game

  486. Zara |

    wow its really good soooocoolll

  487. Joshua |

    iv’e downloaded it but i can’t work it. how do you work it ?

  488. tia |

    hello this is a good gamee :)

  489. jason |

    this is awsome ive never seen anything like this before. is there anymore games like this?

  490. haya |

    hi this is a very good game :D

  491. max444 |

    i like soooooooooooooooooooooo much i made my screen all black

  492. Eren |

    where ıs the downloading?

  493. aditha |

    nice fun stuff………..

  494. jazfer |

    loveit !!!!!!!

  495. haroon |

    this sooo epic u even get to go on club penguin and destroy the place

  496. tarun |

    nice game

  497. tarun |

    destroying computer is so good guys

  498. sean |

    It’s awesome!

  499. Omar rami |

    Awesome Game

  500. abc |

    omg I luv this game it is a kind of fun
    love it
    and ofcourse a cool game as well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  501. Mudkip |

    i luv it

  502. firestar |

    i keep pressing download and it keeps saying “you seem to be lost” HHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEELLLLLPPPPPPPP MMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  503. Callie |

    Love it!

  504. hope |

    it sais im lost when i click download HELP I WANT IT SOOOOOO BAD!!!

  505. loubna |


  506. Minecraft |

    2009 People Welcome To 2013 LOL

  507. katelyn |

    i love it <3 <3<3)

  508. Meiko |

    I can’t install this >=(

  509. Szymon |

    i love it <3 <3 <3)

  510. szymciu |

    i keep pressing download and it keeps saying “you seem to be lost” HHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEELLLLLPPPPPPPP MMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  511. umesh |

    I cannot download Destroy your Desktop kids game

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