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Here Comes the Devil Movie Review (#24 of 31 Days of Horror)

Here Comes the Devil Movie Review (#24 of 31 Days of Horror)

And There Goes My Afternoon

Once in a while during my 31-day horror movie marathon I really regret committing to a new horror movie every day. Adrián García Bogliano’s Here Comes The Devil (2012) had me looking at my watch again and again, hoping that the devil would just come already and get it over with.

Adolfo and Sara go for a hike up a mountain while their parents Felix and Sol fool around in their car. When the kids don’t come back, Felix and Sol call the cops. After a stressful night, the cops find the kids and bring them home. But it seems they may be possessed.

Even though Here Comes The Devil wasn’t an extremely long movie, it felt like it dragged on forever. There were multiple moments where characters just talked and talked about what had happened, what was happening and what might happen. Hearing about weird experiences really isn’t the same as experiencing them firsthand. And that’s where this movie really failed. It had a great setup, a cool concept but one horrible execution. Bogliano repeatedly uses a pan and zoom reminiscent of old kung-fu movies which has absolutely no purpose in such a serious horror film. The only effect it had was to automatically make every shot it was used in overly cheesy.

A burn that’s so slow it’s actually stagnant, Here Comes the Devil offers a lot of gratuitous sex and one moment of brutal violence and absolutely nothing else. Don’t let that last sentence somehow entice you into watching this one. If you want to add a Spanish language horror film to your list, you’d be better off with Witching & Bitching or any of Guillermo del Toro Mexican films. Not recommended.

Availability: Netflix US, Netflix Canada

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