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Let Us Prey Movie Review (#26 0f 31 Days of Horror)

Let Us Prey Movie Review (#26 0f 31 Days of Horror)

Righteousness At Its Worst

I should have realized what I was in for from that opening close-up shot of a crow, wings flapping in slow motion, superimposed over a dark cloud. For a moment, I felt just like that crow, blissfully unaware of the atrocities we were about to bear witness to.

Liam Cunningham (Game of Thrones, Dog Soldiers) comes to town and makes everyone at a local police station feel like a douche for the sinful acts they’ve committed. But before he collects their souls, he’s just gonna hang and spout a bunch of righteous nonsense until the clock strikes midnight. Maybe in the end, they’ll all just turn on each other instead of having to listen to his bull.

Brian O’Malley’s Let Us Prey (2014) takes place in one location (for the most part); a small-town police station where everyone is hiding something: homosexuality, adultery, murder, cowardice, or all of the above. And that’s mostly just the cops, though the criminals don’t fare any better. Everyone’s a sinner and they all deserve to pay for it with their souls, according to Cunningham, who by what I could gather is supposed to be Lucifer. The religious angle and the fact that the only gay character is depicted as the most unhinged in a group of extremely unhinged individuals makes the whole affair come across as homophobic.

Don’t waste your time. Search out John Carpenter’s Assault on Precinct 13 instead and avoid the sin of witnessing this abomination. Not recommended.

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