Miss June 2003 DeeAnn Donovan

Fitness Babe

Miss June 2003 is DeeAnn Donovan, one of the sexiest and most stunning models to ever appear in front of a camera. She was very professional and had a lot to say which we love! Enjoy! Update: This Trading Spouses Diva is just phenomenal!

Citynet Magazine: Were you an active kid? How did boys treat you in high school?

DeeAnn Donovan: I was very active as a child!!! And BOY CRAZY!!! In grade school, the boys used to call me “DeeAnn the Dog” …BUT,,, once I puberty hit, they quickly changed it to “Double D”,,,and that had nothing to do with my name:):) To make a long story short, I became pretty popular in high school:):):)

How did you get into models/pics/body building?deeann-babe-rollerblades

Being an extremely shy little girl, my mom and dad were very surprised when I said I wanted to enter a modeling contest…Much to my surprise, I won the “Teen Magazine Model Search” in high school. From there, I went on to attend a finishing school….I was approached by a photographer and soon the college started using me in their runway fashion shows, and promotional ads…

I tried my luck at bikini contests too in college….I took to it right away!!! I have loved being in front of the camera ever since!! I guess you would say it’s kind of a high for me:):):) When I am in front of a camera, I can pretend to be someone else, and act anyway I feel that day…Without being under the influence and waking with a hang over the next day !!!

Have people recognized you on the street based on your ‘celebrity status’?

Very much to my surprise people have recognized me on the streets!! It’s such a wonderful feeling to know that all of my efforts have paid off…People are so nice to me!!

What is it like be worshipped by so many fans?

I don’t think “worshipped” is the correct word…Maybe “Looked Up To”…It feels wonderful to have so many people follow my career right along with me. This has been a dream of mine since I was little, and to have friends share along with the excitement is so much fun!!

How come you have so many yahoo fan clubs?

I feel so fortunate to have met so many incredibly nice fans/friends over the Internet…It feels funny to call them “My fans”, as they are much more to me than that. They are true friends. I had not even met any of these wonderful people, and they have taken their own time and effort to gather pictures, and set up Yahoo fan clubs for me!! They market and promote me all on their own time… I can’t tell you how much it has touched me to have them do this for me!!

Do women get catty around you?dee-ann-donovan

Women have ALWAYS been EXTREMELY catty around me my entire life!! I’ve always had many more male friends than women. Things changed when I began in the fitness world though…Instead of immediately being jealous, they now understood what it took to look the way I did, They knew the amount of effort, and realized things did not just happen over night…I have met some wonderful women friends in this business since!!

Best experience in your job?

Again, the WONDERFUL fans!!! Every time I get out of bed, or have a hard training day at the gym, they are in my thoughts!! They keep me going. Everyone needs to be motivated. They are there for me, and I try to be there for them as well…It’s all about giving and taking… with friends….

Worst experience in your job?

Being taken advantage of by underhanded photographers!!! I do not dwell on it though as I have learned and that’s all that matters!!

Thong versus regular undies?

Thong!!! I wouldn’t have it any other way!! It makes me feel sexy, and I HATE panty lines!!!:):):)

What’s your policy on one night stands?

It’s been a longgg time!! I’ve been married for 17 years.

Any secret pleasures?

Kiss my neck and you can have ANYTHING you want:):):):)

How old were you when you had your first kiss?deeann-donovan-bikini

I was 12, and was kissed by Bobbie Davis behind Skateland!!!

Were you ever interested in women?

Quite possibly a little bit,,,,, but only in a fantasy sort of way.

A day spa. A flight in a F-15 fighter jet. Passionate animal-like sex. Choose one.

Because you put the word “Passionate” before the words, “Animal-like sex”…This would be my one and only choice!!! What could be better??

Would you describe yourself as more dominant or submissive in bed?


Definitely depends on my mood at the time,..I can be either…. BUT,,,I prefer to let the man be more dominant…

Have you hooked up with anyone on the job (photographer/other models, etc)?

no, I have not

Favorite body part on men? On your own body?

I love everything on men,,BUT, if I had to chose one body part, I’d say his chest….On myself,,,,Hmmmmmmm… I personally like my arms…..

What’s your greatest talent?

I am honest with EVERYONE!!! Whether I know them, or not,,I am not ashamed to hide anything that has happened in my life… I have made mistakes just as everyone else has..I have lived and learned, and want to share, so others may not make the same mistakes.. I’d have to say that my greatest talent, is the fact that I am “REAL”…There is nothing fake or pretend about me..I am genuinely nice and considerate….

Favorite vacation spot?

I love Sedona, AZ,,,but have always wanted to go to Hawaii …I’d say anywhere I can let loose, not have to worry about what to wear, what I look like, and could just simply enjoy myself with no worries..

What’s the greatest risk you have ever taken?

I’d say making the move from Iowa to New York!! Most people will find that hard to understand, but it was by far the “Greatest risk I’d ever taken”,,,not that I had anything to lose, but because I didn’t even know where New York was!!!

Where did the ‘stay positive.. always stay positive’ slogan come from?


My mom!!!! A true sweetheart!!

Choose any 3 words to describe yourself.

Caring, Appreciative, and Very Wild

If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?

Happiness for the rest of my life

It’s 12:01am. What are you doing?

Usually, I’m in bed, on my stomach, hugging my pillow, and making all my fantasies come true in my dreams:):)

What’s the most common question that people ask you?

How I stay in shape, diet questions, training, and how I keep such a crazy schedule with 3 children..

Favorite place on the planet?

Nice and snugly in my warm bed:):):)

Pet peeves?

Conceited people!! I have never, and will never forget where I come from..There is absolutely no reason to brag or boast about yourself to anyone..

Favorite website(s)?


I love them all :):):) I am always visiting other models sites..

Your ideal man?

Killer smile, beautiful eyes, full of confidence and laughter….Ready to have fun, and take on anything that comes their way!! Spontaneous, and easy going…Love for life, and love for people….Cowbay hat, cowboy boots a plus!!! Tight jeans,,,,even better!!! Chiseled chest, strong arms, tight……..Ok Ok,,,,,,enough said…..

What do you want the world to know about you?

That I grew up on a farm in Iowa..I did not have a lot of materialistic “Things”,,BUT, I had 1 brother and parents who spent time together..Every holiday and every Sunday we were together at church, and later, would gather at a relatives house…I learned at a very young age, what was really important in life. I carry these traits with me today, and am very happy that people appreciate me for it.

Upcoming projects?

Ironman Swimsuit Spectacular # 8 Video/DVD out NOW!!!!
Spokesmodeling for Razor Gauge Tools-May
Celebrity Appearance at: Native American Classic Pro-Am Tournament—June
Muscle Mag – July Issue
Muscle Mag – Aug Issue
Cavemen in the Kitchen Cookbook-Out soon
Fitness Beauties Magazine (premiere edition) Sept
Featured in “The Look Great Naked Diet Cookbook” by Brad Schoenfeld–Sept

I’m VERY excited, as I just got back from a very productive shoot out in CA for all the fitness/muscle magazines!! I had the chance to work with the following: Bill Dobbins, Rocco, George Bond, Theo Kousoulis, and Jimmy Thomas. Jimmy and I shot some amazing pictures together!! He is the first male fitness model I have worked with…I also had the chance to shoot with Benchwarmer Trading Cards..They have asked me to be on their collectors cards too!!! There are MANY other projects as well…

Where are you from/live now?

I was born and raised on a farm in Iowa. Now,I live in the country, 1 hour North of The Big Apple. Up until a couple months ago, I drove a pick up truck with diamond plate running boards, and tool box. Now I drive a Jag Convertible:):):) Which was a Christmas gift from my husband. I miss my truck a lot!!!!! BUT, I am now used to the car:):):) If asked when I was younger where I would be at this age,,, I would have NEVER even dreamt I’d be where I am today!! I feel very fortunate, and very lucky to have escaped the life in Iowa that so many of my friends are still living. Not that it is bad, but there is so much more to experience.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Hopefully with a wall covered in tearsheets and covers of magazines !! In all seriousness, I see myself still shooting for magazines, but, being featured more in articles on my life story. Using my personal trainer certification to help others. Maybe I’ll even have a modeling agency?? Who knows, where I will be with my career, BUT, I will definitely feel fulfilled with all that I accomplished after the age of 30. I hope to be healthy, and look forward to watching my kids in their early 20’s accomplishing anything and everything they set out to do!!!


  1. Amy |

    You look very beautiful. Congrads! I was interested in the body fitness industry. I am actually trainging for it now but i had one question maybe silly, but I am interested in where you have had your augmentation done. They look very tasteful. I don’t want to seem funny but I have been searching for a dr for myself and haven’t felt quiet comfortable with one yet.

    Friendly fan,

  2. Bob Phillips |

    I have followed her career for quite a while now I am not some stalker perv I just enjoy her positive mental attitude in all situuations I saw her episode on trading spouses and found it quite enjoyable at how she stays positive and helpful to the family I hope that some day I can meet her in person and thank her for the reassurance and effect she has had on me and my life I look forward to each day as something new and wonderful just want to thank her in person one day

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