Paris Hilton Sex Video Review

A review of the first Paris Hilton sex video tape. Did she suck or what?!

Paris Hilton. What can one say? She is the inspiration for every young boy or girl who wants to be famous one day for doing virtually nothing. I am sure the Christmas list of every little girl will include something along the lines of, “And please, Santa, make mommy and daddy super rich so I can one day be a celebrity for it. Maybe I can even get a reality show based around my ignorance, because everyone loves watching a stupid girl that somehow missed getting a good education despite having loads of money.”    
I was trying to find the sex tape of Vicky Motel Six on the “Daughters of Motel Chain Owners” porn site when I stumbled across the Paris Hilton Sex Tape. For some reason, this poorly produced special-ops porn has struck a chord with society. Poor society. 

My first reaction was, “Damn, and I thought Paris Hilton looked demonic in daylight!” After a few moments, I got used to it and realized that even with glowing white eyes she actually looks less evil than usual. 

The original video is shown and reviewed here. After this one, a much clearer extended version came out. Visit the website above. It's the only and BEST place to download  the  full legal version.

The original video is shown and reviewed here. After this one, a much clearer extended version came out. Visit the website above. It's the only and BEST place to download the full legal version.

I can understand why this video was so popular. How many times have you been trying to f*** some girl with ADD when suddenly the phone rings, she answers it, and you are left with your shrinky willy blowing in the breeze? Not to mention that Paris has the remote to the television by her side. I bet she had E! Television on for foreplay.

On the other hand, she may have a nice body but how about thousands of other porn stars who have the same body and never get this extreme attention? And porn stars look human with their clothes on.

Paris Hilton looks like an overgrown albino praying mantis in the first sex video. Did you know there is a fine if you kill Paris? When I see her I think, I should put her in my garden to take care of my pest problems.

I have to give the guy banging her some props. For starters, he is not wearing a condom. If I were screwing some ultra rich chick, I would want her to have my baby. He was really putting in a good investment. Plus, I believe he was watching Chris Rock while she blew him.

Paris Hilton is sexy in her own way but this sex video kind of takes away from some of that. Paris Hilton nude and having sex just isn’t as exciting as, well, Paris Hilton posing for the cameras and being famous for being famous.

My Overall Impression

The headboard and throw pillows are a nice touch, but that bedspread has got to go. Plus, the walls seemed a bit bare. You don’t need to have pictures, but maybe a warmer color to go with the washed out green of the night vision. I think this was a forgettable piece that got attention because not enough celebrities, whether famous or not, are having mediocre sex on tape.

Maybe the mediocre sex sold it. I bet most people would think that a social butterfly such as Miss Hilton could do better than sex on a bed with the television on. No dirty talk? No screaming orgasms? No flailing like a fish just taken off the hook? No toys? No sexy lingerie? Hell, everyone thought, ‘my sex life is more interesting!’

The Paris Hilton Tape

The Paris Hilton Sex Video is currently available in mpg (mpeg) as well as DVD and the classic VHS tape format. Although millions of people will download the Paris Hilton Sex Video (free or not), they may be quite surprised with what they find. Note that now there’s more than one Paris Hilton sex video that you can download and get the full, clear view of, well, everything!

Updated: New Paris Hilton Sex Video

If you’ve been a great fan of the site, you read the info about the Paris Hilton lesbian video ages ago but now it seems the entire world has found out! Celebrity gossip has been really dull lately and it took the famous hotel heiress to get everyone excited and buzzing again. Here’s the original addendum:

Paris Hilton and Nicole Lenz
In the first few Paris Hilton videos, Paris is having sex with Rick Salomon (who is now her ex-boyfriend) and then Nick Carter, who was in the Backstreet Boys. Now the latest word is that there is a lesbian Paris Hilton video where she hooks up with incredible playboy model Nicole Lenz.

The new scandal involves pics from the night rumored to end with Paris and Nicole getting it on at the Bellagio while Simon Rex filmed. Paris and Nicole hooked up in a hotel room and make no mistake – Paris Hilton doing Nicole Lenz is really HOT. Amazing butts and curves. The video and pics have not yet been officially released.

It turns out that a Paris Hilton storage unit containing her personal items and home contents sold at auction in Los Angeles. Apparently one of the items being stored was the Paris Hilton New Sex Video. Get it!


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    Well Since I haven’t viewed the full tape as of yet but Personally I think that she is a Hot Mama and I’d love to do her because I haven’t been with a woman sence 1991 but that time we made love for 6/1/2 hours thegirl had trouble walkingfor two day I guess that I didn’t use th eproper position.

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    She is a pure street girl.

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    I haven’t seen the new one yet but she’s hot.

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    Yeah she can suck. Other than that she seems to just lay there…..

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