Superhero Movie Release Dates: 2015-2020

Superhero Movie Release Dates: 2015-2020

Waiting for the next X-men, Guardians of the Galaxy, Batman, Green Lantern, Captain America, Thor, or Avengers movie? Some of these will be out soon while others are gonna take a while. Thanks to Comic Alliance, we present this graphic schedule of movie release dates. It also includes topics that are under development and consideration like Marvel’s Inhumans, Warner Bros/DC/Vertigo’s Sandman, and Fox’s X-force and Gambit.

Of course, the New Mutants (aka “the baby X-men”) movie was just announced a couple days ago. Yet another X-men franchise that is sure to rock, especially if they have characters like Cannonball and Magik.


Marvel, DC, and other superhero movie release dates 2015-2020.

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