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The House at the End of Time Movie Review (#30 of 31 Days of Horror)

The House at the End of Time Movie Review (#30 of 31 Days of Horror)

Takes an Eternity to Go Anywhere

Sure, after about an hour The House at the End of Time gets a little interesting, but making it to that point requires sitting through melodramatic dialogue, stilted action and some of the worst old-age makeup ever.

Dulce (Ruddy Rodríguez) is arrested and charged with the murder of her husband and son. But she didn’t do it. Or did she? There’s something wacky going on in her house, and thirty years later, when she’s released and allowed to move back in (?) she slowly discovers exactly what happened.

Sure, the actual concept of The House at the End of Time is cool once it’s revealed, but it took way too long to get there and had already lost my interest by then. I could only handle watching kids play baseball and acting like little shits for so long. And I’ve always had a hard time looking past old-age makeup. There’s only been one movie out of the bazillion I’ve seen where the makeup was so good I thought it was an actual old person (The Grand Budapest Hotel). Here we just have a bad wig with a few wrinkles. Thirty years in a Venezuelan prison have been good to Dulce. And somehow her mortgage and property taxes were all paid up, seeing how she still owned the house where she murdered her family when she got out of prison. Things that make you go, “Hmm?”

Unless you feel like waiting for the end of time before for this one gets any good, I suggest The Nameless or The Orphanage instead. Not recommended.

Availability: Netflix US


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