Tools For Dealing With Her Time Of The Month

Tools For Dealing With Her Time Of The Month

A friend of mine recently went off the pill. And you see, I have this habit of looking up everything I experience online. I tell you this by way of explanation because the following sites are somewhat niche, and some might wonder how a young man may have meandered on to such relevant gems. But meandered I did, and here they are. Two, let’s say, gnarly sites for your browsing pleasure. Surf on.

My Next Period

Do you know why you don’t have detailed statistical analysis of your menstrual cycle and/or the menstrual cycle of your significant other? It’s not because you never thought you could get it done. It’s because you never thought you could get it done so easily.

Finally a web tool for Aunt Flow. allows you to chart cycles and make predictions, so you can plan accordingly. Know up to 3 to 4 months in advance. Receive notifications via email. Entirely free and aim at female users. The future is truly now.

The Daily Cramp

Most certainly aimed at male users. The Daily Cramp”s “scientists” have engineered this site to help all mankind defeat the dreadful phenomenon known as “The Crazy Bear”.

If you signed up to The Daily Cramp, you’d begin receiving daily emails including short comedic insights relative to her cycle, a graph visually plotting where she is in her cycle as well as a determination of her Crazy Bear Phase which ranges from: Period phase, horny phase, normal phase and PMS phase.

So if you’re recently off the pill and you’d like a little foresight, consider getting a better picture of your pattern. If you’re wanting to keep tabs on someone else, I’d suggest you keep the data to yourself. Especially during those red flag days. I may not know much about women, but I’m pretty sure they don’t like it when you monitor their bodily functions.

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