3 Free Powerful Productivity Apps

3 Free Powerful Productivity Apps

Those of you who work from home, or as freelancers, will be aware of the challenges of productivity. Getting things done can be trying with all the distractions your home has to offer. Typically, this is handled by removing distractions. That can mean working at a coffee shop, or even renting work space. Some are better at focusing on the task at hand. Still others, however, believe the solution lies in working more efficiently, so as to have enough time to waste. Here are three suggestions for the latter.


Doomi is a tiny little application that helps you quickly note and remember your to-do items. It sits neatly on your desktop, or it can be minimized to the system tray. Set inconspicuous timers for individual tasks, and keep track of older completed task. Doomi is free, light-weight application that can be downloaded and installed in minutes.


Should your projects need collaboration, Freedcamp would be a wonderful asset. Delegate the work you need done to reliable online coworkers and easily monitor their progress while you focus on what’s most important. Freedcamp takes the hassle out of team work. Keep things moving and have projects completed in no time. And when you’re away, email notifications will bring the loop to you. With all your files, discussions, messages and time records in one place, you’ll soon be basking in the noon sun.

Wave Accounting

Wave Accounting brings the potential of automation to accounting. Still tediously filling out expense reports? Allow Wave to use your banks transactional information to automatically tabulate them on your behalf. Dump your receipts in the trash and let Wave do the work for you. Completely free, this amazing resource has made tracking your expenses easier than ever.

Grease the wheels of your work life a little. Be more productive today, and be lazier tomorrow. Leave your favorite productivity app in the comments below, or request a review of a paid application. If there’s an app out there that’s made your life easier, feel free to share.

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