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3 Free Software Products To Clean And Maintain Your PC

3 Free Software Products To Clean And Maintain Your PC

Reliable, speedy and clean. Your PC was all of these things when you first got it. Now, however, things have changed. Gone is that beautiful machine that responded so quickly to your deftly fingers. She’s different now; a sad fact. But you won’t give up without a fight. You love her! It…you love “it”. And “it” deserves to be treated like it deserves. Take your computer to the cleaners with these fantastic utilities. You’ll have her humming a new tune in no time.

Spybot – Search & Destroy


Does it seem like online ads are multiplying? Can’t visit a site or open your browser without pop ups interfering with your zen-like demeanor?  Well, dear friend, you’ve got spyware. Not to worry. Spybot – Search & Destroy comes to the rescue with an up-to-date spyware remover. Download and Install the program and have your computer scanning in a few minutes. It’s easy for just about anyone to use. When your done, immunize your system for further protection.

Smart Defrag


Take the ache out of defragmenting your computer. Smart Defrag comes packed with features that do their job efficiently. It runs in the background and monitors your resources to keep your system from straining, and runs on boot to get at those hard to reach places. Smart Defrag is the elegant defrag alternative. Do away with your PC’s standard defragmenter and get on board with Smart Defrag for a fast, reliable and efficient experience.



Make your computer fun again! Speed up your boot time by easily managing start-up programs in Soluto’s elegant interface. Even with no experience with start-up programs or managing your PC, Soluto can help. Get recommendations for actions to take on various start-up items, see what others chose to do with the same application, and bring harmony back to your PC. And now, heal crashes and lighten your web browser with Soluto’s additional features.

With these free solutions, your PC’s health (and perhaps your mental well-being) will be restored to full working order. Install these applications today and save yourself from the grind you’re probably beginning to hear from your machine. Treat her right, and she’ll do the same.

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