AI Needs Regulation Says Marvel & DC Illustrator Marco Rudy

AI Needs Regulation Says Marvel & DC Illustrator Marco Rudy

Marvel and DC illustrator Marco Rudy is known for his remarkable work on popular titles such as Uncanny X-men, Avengers, Swamp Thing, Action comics, Marvel Knights: Spiderman, and so many others.

In our exclusive interview with the renowned artist, he voiced concerns over the ethical implications and regulatory needs of AI art programs like MidJourney. In a detailed discussion, Marco criticized the way these platforms can facilitate the unauthorized use of another artist’s work, effectively allowing individuals to create derivative works without proper attribution or compensation.

He encourages people to get creative but on their own initiatives, not others’ work. He emphasized the necessity for stricter regulations to protect artists and ensure that their creations aren’t exploited unfairly. Marco’s stance highlights a growing debate within the creative community about the boundaries and responsibilities of using AI in art production.

Do you agree or disagree with his view on the AI discussion? One could argue that regulation will limit freedom of expression and freedom of speech while on the other hand, it could help to protect creators. There’s no simple solution but a precedent may be set sooner than later.

This exclusive interview was recorded on July 15, 2023 at Montreal Comiccon.

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