The AIM Electronic Dance Music Festival is Coming to Montreal

The AIM Electronic Dance Music Festival is Coming to Montreal

Adding to Montreal’s long list of summer festivals, a new one for the electronic dance music (EDM) crowd is coming to Montreal.

What is it?

From June 26-28, the AIM Music Festival will take place at Parc Carillon in St-André-d’Argenteuil (roughly 45 minutes from Montreal).

AIM stands for Art, Innovation, and Movement. The festival will consist of music being played for 32 hours straight.

If attendees want to get the full experience, they can camp out at the event. There’s also room for RVs. The event will take place by a waterfront which should make things quite interesting.


The AIM EDM festival will be a unique experience!

The DJs

The setlists will be played by DJs from around the world. The UK, New York, Mexico, Detroit, Spain, and other areas are well represented.

Expect to move to the tunes of Paolo Rocco, Tiga, Jamiie XX, Kerry Chandler, Kevin Sauderson, Four Tet, Pachanga Boys, Shash’U, Jalil, CRi, Shaydakiss, Nymra & Sofisticated, Mightykat, Alicia Hush, The Martinez Brothers, and more.

Buy Your Tickets Here

Convinced? Ready to party? Get your tickets here!


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