All-Inclusive Resort Vacation Tips

All-Inclusive Resort Vacation Tips

You’re ready. You’ve found an amazing all-inclusive resort. You’re booked. Not one to be left out in the cold, you’ve made a list of things to remember. A list of things to bring, perhaps. Maybe even a list of things to do before you’re off to your vacation paradise.

But you’re still looking to add to that list. Better to be safe than sorry, right? Could it be that you’ve missed a few points? Here’s some friendly advice for all you all-inclusive travellers.

The Tipping Point

Now I know you think you’re going to an all-inclusive resort, but unless you’re going to a Breezes resort, you’re simply going to have to tip. Tipping will help get you served faster, treated better and remembered longer. Money makes the world go ‘round, so don’t be cheap.

Budget in some cash for tips and give ‘em out like candy at Halloween. An extra 50$ dollars added to your trip could very well mean the difference between your specially made Pina Colada and a long wait at the bar.

The Ugly Duckling

Before you leave for the airport, grab an old piece of cloth and tie it around the handles of your luggage. The more colorful, the better. This will allow you to spot your bag as soon as it comes off the plane and hits the conveyor belt.

Often, people get similar luggage. A colored cloth will help you to differentiate your bag from a similar one. You’ve seen those leopard print luggage bags? Now you know why they look so darn awful.

The First Shall Be Last

The order in which your luggage come off the plane at the airport is reliant on other factors. If you pay for it, you can get your luggage treated with priority. When you’re done with the airport, you’ll have to deal with the shuttle bus that takes you to your resort. That’s where you’ll want to be last.

The first bags on are relegated to the back. This is, of course, to make room for incoming bags. That means that the luggage that goes on first, comes off last. By holding your luggage until the end, you ensure your luggage is off first. This helps you be the first at the check-in counter which is important if you’d like to upgrade your room.

The Secret

Did you know that, upon booking your stay at an all-inclusive resort, you can email the resort for specific requests you may have for the room? If someone told you that they stayed in room 2120, for example, you can request that room in advance. Maybe you were told that the rooms on the 4th floor were recently renovated. You can request that.

By making your request in advance, you increase your chances of an upgrade. Being first in line at the check-in counter helps to cement this as well.

Back to the Future

It’s best to do this before you book your trip, but it can be useful even if you’ve already booked your all-inclusive stay. Find and read the reviews you find of the resort, but from one year prior. The logic behind this is simple. You want to read reviews which took place around the same time of year you’re going. That way, you get a more accurate description.

If a traveller described your resort as dull and dead, but went during the low season, that might be telling. If you read October reviews but you’re departing in April, they may not be accurate anymore.

These four tips will help you get the most out of your all-inclusive stay. You can plan everything, and you are certain to experience the unexpected. A prepared mind and an adventurous spirit is the winning combination for a good time. Bon Voyage!

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