Bed & Breakfasts vs. Inns: What’s Better?

Bed & Breakfasts vs. Inns: What’s Better?

Bed and breakfasts (usually just shortened to B&B) and inns are similar in many ways. Yet, there are a few subtle differences that may help you decide between the two. Either way, both of these accommodations tend to be a lot cozier than a large hotel, and both offer many personalized amenities that all types of travelers will enjoy.

The Main Difference

The main difference between a bed and breakfast and an inn is the type of food that is served. A bed and breakfast usually consists of a bed and a breakfast (as the name suggests). An inn, on the other hand, often offers all three meals, though a breakfast is usually included in the prices. Both types of accommodations tend to have similar rooms, common rooms, and amenities, though this depends on the size of the bed and breakfast or inn that you choose.

Some bed and breakfasts are located inside of small homes where a family or manager resides. These lodgings are often quaint and small. Inns tend to be larger than bed and breakfasts, though this might not always be the case. No matter which one you choose, don’t expect either to have an indoor pool or bar, since these accommodations are not part of large hotel chains.


Bed and breakfasts and inns are not for everyone. If you don’t enjoy mingling with other guests and dining with people who are staying at the same place, look for a large hotel. However, you might find that staying at a small inn or bed and breakfast opens your eyes to another way of life. If you stay at an inn or bed and breakfast located on a farm, you might find something great and wonderful to explore. The same is true for any accommodation located in an unusual place.

Inns tend to be slightly bigger than bed and breakfasts. However, both of these lodgings tend to offer comfortable rooms that include quaint decorations. For example, you might find down comforters or handmade quilts inside of a bed and breakfast or inn. You probably won’t find a Jacuzzi bathtub or 5-star staff.

Making the Decision

Which type of accommodation should you book? If you’re new to inns and bed and breakfasts, try staying at an inn first. Bed and breakfasts are smaller than inns, which means that you probably won’t enjoy a bed and breakfast experience if you don’t like staying at an inn. Look at both options carefully, and choose the one that seems to fit your lifestyle best.

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