5-Star Bars in Berlin

5-Star Bars in Berlin

Although techno raves and other drug-induced excesses certainly still have their place here in Berlin (and it’s usually in a dark and damp cellar at some hopelessly obscure location, it looks as though the good old fashioned mainstream establishment has not only raised it’s ugly little head. It’s sitting right next to you at some of the finest cocktail bars in Europe. The old concepts seem to have lost their appeal.

The ravers in Berlin seem to have celebrated themselves kaputt, so say goodbye in style to good times gone over a wonderful, not-too-dry American Martini. Yes, that’s right. They are here. Berlin’s nightlife offers some of the most interesting cocktail lounges this side of Fifth Avenue and the following five, in my humble opinion, are quite simply the best.


Reingold is the insider lounge of the five, a “favorite place” kind of place. One reason for this might be its location. It’s definitely off the beaten path, at least as far as tourists are concerned. Most customers coming here come for one very good reason: Excellent cocktails in a very relaxed atmosphere.

Tastefully designed, it has that modern yet simple ambiance that rounds off the classic cocktail bar touch. Gold is the primary color here (Reingold, get it?) and rightly so, emphasized as it is by a very clever lighting scheme. You can sit very comfortably here, usually for hours, listening to everything from a nice conversation to pulsing electro house. The film crowd seems drawn to the place, especially during the film festival season. Ever heard of the Berlinale? Oh, and I almost forgot. These might just be the most generous barkeepers in town. Novalisstr. 11, 10115 Berlin. Can’t miss it.

Gainsbourg Bar Americain

Have you ever tried a Brigitte Bardot? Try one here and you won’t regret it. This is a favorite among Berlin’s “scene” and an appropriate tribute to that “dirty mouth of French pop”, the French chanson singer Serge Gainsbourg. Its somewhat hidden location, the black and white portraits on the wall, and the smoke-filled rooms might seem to lend the place a rather dusky touch at first, but its one that seems to make the beautifully mixed cocktails all the tastier. Don’t forget to try a Juliette Greco while you’re at it. Savignyplatz 5, 10623 Berlin.

Bar am Lutzowplatz

You might find the idea of a Mao portrait at the end of the longest bar in town a bit peculiar, and indeed it is, but if you’re looking for a classic cocktail excellence, this is the place to be. No experiments, that is, except for perhaps the architecture. Then there is the vast collection of Champagne and rare malt whiskeys. The bar’s numerous awards are well deserved and proudly documented. The Gin Sour and the New Yorker are phenomenal. Lützwoplatz 7, 10785 Berlin.


What hasn’t been said about this place? Berlin’s best bar, Germany’s best barkeeper, home of the world’s best Manhattan. Is it all true? You be the judge. They certainly mean business here, that’s for sure. Their motto is “The power of positive drinking” and the atmosphere falls somewhere between Speak Easy, Philip Marlow and a decidedly 60’s touch. Everybody comes here because everyone is welcome. You’ll try the Mojito Royal, if you’re smart. Winterfeldstr. 50, 10781 Berlin.

Harry’s New York Bar

I’ll stop at Harry’s. And I often do. You will simply not find a bigger selection of international cocktails than here. Bigger coincidentally means better in this case. Although “merely” a hotel bar, it’s located in the Esplanade Grand Hotel, Harry’s is an unusually lively place that never seems to close. The pianist offers the appropriate, swinging soundtrack to some of the best mixed drinks in town. And sure the drinks here are a bit on the expensive side, but hey, let’s face it. Quality always has its price

Cafe MIA (cafe – bar)

This is a cafe and bar with an interesting concept: It changes its color scheme on daily basis and on weekends every half-an-hour. Figure out what color makes you look most attractive, and bring your date. In addition to the usual cafe food and drink fare, Cafe Mia offers HOT Cocktails, flavoured coffee and scandinavian chips. Also free Wifi Hotspots! Pappelallee 58, 10437 Berlinff.

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