Blau Costa Verde Beach Resort Review

Blau Costa Verde Beach Resort Review

One of nine Blau hotels, Blau Costa Verde Beach Resort is a beautiful green escape for those seeking relaxation and excitement in equal measure. Its 309 rooms make for an uncrowded experience by the pool, the beach or the restaurants.


Upon entering, you’d find an air-conditioned room with satellite TV, fully stocked minibar and a full bathroom complete with hairdryer. Most every room opens-up onto either a view of the grounds and pool, the ocean or both. Rooms are cleaned regularly, however it was noticed that the bedding wasn’t necessarily changed everyday. Absent mold or grime, the room feels comfortable and clean. There is of course a slight humid smell which is common at most resorts due to their proximity to the ocean. You may wake to find you’ve been made a buffet, but it’s difficult to tell whether the bites occur pre or post siesta because nights are quiet and uninterrupted.

Food and Bar

There is not only variety in the meal options, but also the meal locations. Enjoy a delicious shrimp cocktail for starters at the Cuban restaurant or a flavourful pizza made in a pizza oven at the Italian restaurant. Live music can be heard at both these restaurants, but buffet lovers need not be remiss because the themed buffet offers a range of musical talent, from classical music to Cuban traditional melodies. The buffet sports a pasta bar and the occasional banana flambé table, which is visually entertaining and deeply satisfying – to those with sweet-teeth.

A 24-hour food and drink bar and a lunchtime beach restaurant round off the meal choices, filling those stomach corners with burgers, chicken, hot dogs and fries or shrimp skewers to name a few. You’ll only stay hungry if you refuse to leave the pool bar.

You might hear a saxophone quartet at the lobby bar, eat from a pig-on-a-spit down by the beach bar, bite into a double bacon cheeseburger at the 24 hour bar or tread water with a mohito at the pool bar. And, if you’re too worn to leave your room, your mini-fridge has probably been refilled with a couple of beers. There’s absolutely no excuse not to forget your vacation. Unless you’re the designated peddle-boat driver.

Beach and Pool

Blau Costa Verde’s beach stretches further than you’ll probably want to walk in the hot sun, but a catamaran or kayak will allow you to view its entirety if you’re so inclined. The coral lining the resort’s portion of the beach is home to a myriad of colorful tropical fishes of all sizes, eager to great you. That’s of course assuming you brought a banana or some bread with you. They know better than most that there are other fishes in the sea. If you can’t find food, diamond rings will work.

One improvement that would be very appreciated: Clearing the beach of its many rocks and shells. Piles are stacked wide in many cases, and there isn’t a soft place to walk 4 feet inland. If you enjoy a more natural looking beached, this may be to your liking. It can be fun to sift through the impossible amounts of tiny shells and rocks on the beach. However, a slightly more pristine beach would make getting in and out of the water a lot less troublesome.

The resort forms and type of half circle around the large pool marking it as the middle of the resort. The pool bar rests adjacent the food and drink bar, so you’re not missing what’s happening all around you, be it the water volleyball game, dance lessons on the stage or the smells and odors for the upcoming buffet selection.

A wide range of activities, amenities and services wrap this hotel up in a neat little package deserving of its 4 star rating. Parents wanting a relaxing vacation with the kids will find their place, but the on-site Beach Club and 24-hour bar will let the more youthful guest feel like every night is a Saturday night.

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