On the Set of Bon Cop Bad Cop 2: Exclusive First Look

On the Set of Bon Cop Bad Cop 2: Exclusive First Look

I’m a huge of the movie Bon Cop Bad Cop Cop, a brilliantly crafted action-comedy-thriller about a police officer from Ontario teaming up with his Québecois counterpart to solve a crime. Released in 2006, it did a masterful job of making fun of French Quebecers and Canadians from English Canada. With a box office gross of $12 million, it remains a Canadian record.

A sequel to the original movie began filming on May 22, 2016, with a target release date being sometime in 2017. I was excited to be allowed on set this morning and anticipate that this movie will be a huge success!


Colm Feore (Martin Ward) and Patrick Huard (David Bouchard) are back on the set filming Bon Cop Bad Cop 2.

Leaked Plot Info from the Sequel

If you’re looking for spoilers, here you go (ha ha!). This time around, Martin Ward (played by Colm Feore) and David Bouchard (played by Patrick Huard) have to once again work together, but not by choice. Ward has become a Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officer and the two investigate a stolen car ring which is actually a front for something much more serious. Expect comedic takes on language and cultural differences between the two officers.

Some of the other cast members include Lucie Laurier (playing Suzie Bouchard), Sarah-Jeanne Lacrosse (Gabrielle Bouchard), Erik Knudsen (Jonathan Ward), Mariana Mazza (MC), Claude Poirier (as himself), and Andreas Apergis (FBIU Special Agent).

On Set Photos

Photos from the first scenes being filmed.

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