Candlelight Concerts: A Delight For Your Senses

Candlelight Concerts: A Delight For Your Senses

If you are into classical music, Candlelight Concerts (by Fever) is a delight for your senses. It is a series of musical experiences where you listen to live concerts in virtual darkness, with only candlelights to guide you.

While attending the Vivaldi Four Seasons concert, I discovered a pleasant take on the musical experience. At a church in Verdun, a quartet of musicians played with the lights off, only guided by candlelight. The acoustics in the church combined with the ambient candlelight help deliver an amazing experience to the audience that takes you back in time.

What Life Was Like

At certain points, it felt like what it must have been like to be an aristocrat hundreds of years ago. One the one hand, by being surrounded with hand carved and painted craftsmanship in the church setting, while also being entertained by the serene string instruments.

Other Concerts To Come

If Vivaldi is not your scene, Fever has other events owing homage to Queen, The Beatles, Bach and several other musical acts. This is definitely a great way to spend your evening, whether with friends, family, or on a date. This experience will leave you and your guests in awe, as you get lost in the music.

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