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General Inquiries

General inquiries covers contributing to the magazine (either with articles, as a photographer, and so on), informing us of dead links, general feedback, event and party info, celebrity info, funny photos, interesting videos, and news of all types. Depending on the urgency and other issues, sometimes it takes a while to get back to you so please be patient. If you do not hear back, feel free to re-send your email. Please note that a lot of email comes in and sometimes emails get lost in the pile.

Advertising & Sales Inquiries

Citynet Magazine offers an array of advertising options. Once you’ve read through the options, you can contact us at the address below. Please include the word “Advertising” in the title of your email.

Want to Contribute?

We are happy to accept contributions in the form of articles, reviews with photos, videos, infographics, and so on. We are primarily interested in people who are serious about publishing their articles with us. We accept one-time guest posts as well as on-going contributions. If you would like to write for us, please read the Write for Us page. Overall, we’re easy going so don’t worry!

Media Coverage / Media Relations

Citynet Magazine promotes parties, events, destinations, brands, and so on. We are available to write reviews or at least promote your item in some way so it’s worth your while to contact us. We also work with photographers who can cover events, depending on the location. We graciously accept press passes, nightclub VIP cards, restaurant party invitations, and other promotional offers. We will travel to cover events (in some cases we pick up the tab, in others, all expenses must be paid but it’s totally worth it for all of the publicity you’ll get!).

Product Reviews

We get a lot of requests for product reviews. In some cases, we’re willing to review your product and promote it on a complimentary basis but we require a sample to do so. Please note that simply sending an email saying “we launched a great product” means nothing if we can’t use it, try it, test it, experience it, and review it here. Please contact us a for a mailing address so you can send us a sample (we may request a particular sample from your product line).

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