Tea-inspired Cocktails are the Latest Trend at DavidsTea

Tea-inspired Cocktails are the Latest Trend at DavidsTea

You’ve probably never heard of it but June 10 was National Iced Tea Day. During this year’s event, DavidsTea once again raised the bar with their latest offering.

To promote their continual push for innovation in the tea industry, they used the annual event to announce the debut of their new line of tea-inspired cocktails.


Celebrating National Iced Tea Day!

Three Flavours

I attended the media launch party at their Queen Street location in Toronto where I sampled the new offerings. I am especially picky when it comes to alcohol because I don’t like to drink anything that has a strong taste to it.

DavidsTea is offering three cocktail flavours, including:

  • Sangria
  • Ruby Red
  • Raspberry Mojito

While waiting for my drink to be made, others who had sampled the Ruby Red cocktail insisted that I try it. I requested that one first and was really impressed. It was delicious! I know, it sounds generic for me to say that but it’s true. Until I attended the event, I never even considered a combination of tea and alcohol.


The three flavours of tea that are currently available to infuse into your cocktails.

Fresh Ingredients

Among the ingredients in the various cocktails were fresh mint, eggs, and limes.


DavidsTea sells accessories such as 20 ounce cocktail shakers to help users infuse their cocktails with the tea.

After having tried my first drink, I was hooked. I predict that this line of drinks will take off and become quite popular.


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