Discount Cruise Tickets

Discount Cruise Tickets

Given the wild popularity of the articles I wrote several years ago about how to buy discount plane tickets, get a deal on hotel rooms, and where to find cheap car rentals, and how to get free plane tickets, it was only a matter of time until I’d write one on buying discounted cruise vacation tickets. So, here it is, some tips on how to buy discount cruise tickets.

Book Before You Leave The Ship

If you’re already on a cruise and love it so much that you plan to take another trip with the same cruise line within a year or so, you can save a lot. By booking your next trip before you leave the ship, you can save hundreds of dollars per person. The cruise lines want to fill their ships and get an estimate of the number of people as early as possible so they offer you discounted cruise tickets which benefits everyone. In fact, in many cases, most or all of the deposit that you leave is refundable. Make sure you ask about refund information before buying your tickets.

Choose the Right Room

If you want cheap cruise tickets, make sure you choose the right room. Many people just want to get on board. They don’t care what room they have or where it’s located on the ship. If you want a cheaper room, choose inner rooms which do not have a window or balcony. You may feel a little more claustrophobic but if you’re on the cruise for the right reasons, you won’t be spending much time in your room anyways.

Take a Lower Floor

If you’re room is higher up on the ship, you’re probably paying more. All of the fancier and more expensive rooms and suites tend to be placed higher up on the ship. The opposite is true, the lower you go. Many cruises offer cheaper prices for guests who take rooms on the lower decks. It may be a little more noisy on some ships but again, if you just want to get on board, it may be worth it to get that discount ticket.

Shop Around

The cruise lines themselves don’t always give you the best prices. Consider looking at multiple places like websites, newspapers, and travel agents to get an idea of prices for the cruise you want.

Travel Agents

While there are not that many travel agents around anymore, they are still very helpful when it comes to vacation travel advice and cruises. Even better, they often find out about or offer deals that are cheaper than what the cruise lines are asking for. Speak to several travel agents to find out what they can offer you.

Buy Tickets Separately

Sometimes the best discount cruise vacation package deals aren’t as great as you might think. That’s because when packages are bundled, you rarely know how much each part costs. For example, you might pay $1,000 for an entire trip but only $300 of that amount can go to the cruise line while the rest goes to buying a plane ticket. If that’s the case, you may be better off looking for a better price on a plane ticket and buying the cruise ticket separately.

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