You’ve Never Seen Montreal from this Perspective

You’ve Never Seen Montreal from this Perspective

You want a boat. Though it may not yet have occurred to you, a boat is something you dearly want. Montrealers who own a boat are privy to aspects of the city that you’re probably not even aware of.

Discovery Boating in Montreal

In the waters near this city’s rustic Old Port, floating side by side, are the prides and joys of several Montrealers who have come to know the pleasures of boating. Imagine being able to sail out into a vast and silent vista, taking in a peaceful horizon after a grueling week on land.

Discover Boating, a “national public awareness effort managed by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) on behalf of the North American recreational boating industry,” wants you to experience the expansive world of boating. Its excellent programs provide participants with a rich understanding and appreciation of recreational boating. By spreading awareness, and helping to educate those interested, Discover Boating and their offerings demonstrate “the benefits, affordability and accessibility of the boating lifestyle”.


La Ronde Amusement Park as seen from the St. Lawrence River during a Discover Boating outing.

On a warm summer’s day, I was lucky enough to enjoy the company of Discover Boating’s representatives while cruising around in a luxurious speedboat, just out from the Old Port pier. Leaving the bustling city behind, it became clear to me that recreational boating had far more to offer than I had realized.

From Busy City to Peaceful Waters

It was described to me as “a cottage on the water,” and in no time, that statement proved itself true. After only a few minutes, our busy downtown scene was transformed into a peaceful, stress-relieving excursion. With the wind blowing through our hair, we basked in warm sunlight and enjoyed a view of the city that many have yet to experience.

Buying a Boat Isn’t Only for the Very Wealthy

Pulling into an area close to LaRonde, the city’s well-known amusement park, I was informed that Montreal boaters were able to indulge the fireworks from the comfort of their own boats, often coming together in large numbers to celebrate life and the privileged perspective made possible by their modest investment.

If you think a boat is a luxury you can’t afford, think again. A boat is a surprisingly affordable investment that pays dividends.


Speeding away from Downtown Montreal and La Ronde on a boat.

Fireworks, wakeboarding, travel and more all contribute to the wonderful world of boating. Discover Boating explained how recreational boating brings people together. What a glorious excuse to spend time with new friends, colleagues and loved ones!

The Best Boat Tour for Your Needs

Discover Boating’s selector web tool will help you decide on the perfect boat for you. Stay safe with their H.O.S.T. program which provides free, expert boating lessons. Experience a different perspective of Montreal, cruise to neighboring regions, entertain clients and experience the elements in this unique and awe-inspiring way.

Leave your troubles on land, and take to the water. Allow yourself to be gently rocked by the waves. Take in the smell of the breeze. Let the wind blow through your hair. And, as they say, “boat hair, don’t care.”

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