Mediterranean Restaurant Doca Opens in Griffintown

Mediterranean Restaurant Doca Opens in Griffintown

Last week the sleek and stylish Doca restaurant was swept clean of its tables and signature plush purple chairs, and took on the look of a warm and inviting party space. The purple carpet was laid out and awaited the mass of media guests for the official launch party.

Walking Up the Purple Carpet

We were given a purple bracelet and a champagne glass upon arrival. Delicious bites were passed throughout the evening and we hit the seafood self-serve bar quite a few times as well. Laden with oysters, giant shrimps, scallops, lobster and crab, we got a nice taste of what may be offered on a regular evening when ordering from the menu.

A vida é bela

Doca offers its patrons a unique Mediterranean market cuisine with a strong Portuguese influence (even they won’t quite admit it). Seafood lovers will relish at all the options in the menu – such as cod, oysters, calamari, scallops and a fish of the day.


Cutting open the oysters.

Land lovers have not been forgotten with beautiful cuts of meat. For dessert there is the quintessential Portuguese Natas and other sweet treats. Make sure to check out their wide range of privately imported wines as well.

Where the Magic Happens

Leading the kitchen is Chef Francois Laurin who is know for a sophisticated cuisine with lots of attention to detail. Laurin is not a new name in town and hails from great kitchens such a Pizzeria Sofia, Primadonna, Kabana, Bice and Hotel W.

All in a Name and Color

The name Doca simply means “docks” in Portuguese. This is a clear wink to this historical sector of Montreal. Located right on the corner of Wellington and Peel Street, this gorgeous post-industrial space is at the doorstep of the old dockyards.


The decor at Doca.

I love the elegant architectural structures that hide the pipes at view level but lets them regain the manufacturing look as the eye travels up. The color chosen for the subtle touches is so elegant and rich, thumbs up for Purple.

Team Doca

The restaurant was birthed by three great minds: seasoned entrepreneur Raj Patel, plus Victor Batista and Victor Dias who share 40 years of experience operating some of Montreal’s top restaurants. They will happily receive you at their 135 seat Griffintown address for a romantic dinner, work lunch with clients, a weekend party or company event.

Restaurant Doca
1059 Wellington, Griffintown, Montréal, H3C 2G6

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