Downtown Montreal Bar and Grill Zesto Resto Launch Party

Downtown Montreal Bar and Grill Zesto Resto Launch Party

We recently attended the launch party (for media only) for a new sports bar and family restaurant in Downtown Montreal. Zesto Resto Bar and Grill is the latest iteration of the famed Zesto’s Pizza which was a very popular place for students, business professionals, and tourists.

Standing Out

With the transition to a larger space (taking over the old Guido and Angelina restaurant), owner Gerry Perlinghis has implemented his vision of the eatery by dividing it into two parts. One is a sports bar while the other is a family restaurant.

The restaurant also stands out by offering food delivery to the downtown area until early in the morning. I also suggest it as a great place to come for Habs and Impact games.

Perish the thought of trying to do it all… Zesto also serves breakfast all day!

The Food

We sampled the smoked meat sandwiches, calmari, chicken wings, sweet potato fries, pizza, popcorn (from the old style machines), and other pub fare. It was all worthwhile and since the media event, I have returned to watch a Habs game with some friends.

5 a 8 (not 5 a 7!)

This is a great spot to pop into after work. There’s also live music on Thursdays.


If you’re looking for an accessible place to eat downtown, give Zesto Resto a try.

The restaurant is directly across the street from the Eaton Centre.

Address: Zesto Resto Bar & Grill, 690 Rue Ste-Catherine West, Montreal, QC H3B 1B9


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