Darren Henwood’s My First Time Comedy Show Celebrates Its Third Year

Darren Henwood’s My First Time Comedy Show Celebrates Its Third Year

Summer in Montreal is synonymous with comedy. There are so many shows happening it can be pretty hard to decide which ones to see. Let me help you out there, buddy. Go check out My First Time, the Zoofest and Off-JFL comedy show happening July 7, 8 and 9 at the Théâtre Sainte Catherine. Seriously, it’ll be hilarious.

Montreal’s Rising Comedy Stars

As anyone will tell you, I adore stand-up comedy. There’s hardly anything I enjoy more than hearing a comic tell a joke that few have ever heard before. Celebrity comics are fun, but all their jokes are tried and true by the time you hear it. It doesn’t have that rawness of a brand new joke. No offense, Comedy Central, but I like my comedy fresh.

That’s why living in Montreal is great for stand-up aficionados. We have such talented comedians, and the shows they put on will only ever be enjoyed by the audience who attend. No catching it later on Netflix. It really makes attending these events special.

Plus, knowing that some of these comedians might be tomorrows celebrities adds a whole other layer of awesomeness.

Comedy Show Three Years Running

my-first-time-comedy-showMy First Time comedy show will be celebrating it’s third year. Produced by Darren Henwood (Just For Laughs, Zoofest), MFT has put up notable comics such as the amiable Guido Cocomello and fabulous Tranna Wintour.

This year attendees will have the chance to see performances from a new crop of pro-am comedians: Jon Selig (Comedy Abroad, Young Gun), Ellie MacDonald (SheDot Festival, Montreal Sketchfest), Mike Carrozza (Cannibal Yelp!, Fringe Festival, Night Fight), Emma Wilkie (There’s Something Funny Going On, SheDot Festival), with Henwood hosting.

This group of funny folks won’t just be bringing their A-game. They will do their best to make sure your sides are splitting with laughter. MFT encourages performers to really give it their all and I can’t wait to see these comedians level up.

TLDR Add My First Time to Your Schedule

For those of you who came out to The Pretty Feminist Comedy Show, you’ll know that I’ll only send you to shows that are worth your time. I’m telling ya, My First Time is not to be missed.

My First Time is taking place July 7, 8 and 9 at the centrally-located Théâtre Sainte Catherine. Tickets are only $20, show starts at 7:30pm. If you have anything else scheduled, cancel it. Let this My First Time be your first time to see these comedians before they get too famous.

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