Five4Fifteen Showcases Montreal’s Finest Stand-up Amateurs

Five4Fifteen Showcases Montreal’s Finest Stand-up Amateurs

I am genuinely buzzing with excitement for the new season of the Five4Fifteen comedy show taking place this fall. Montreal is filled with unique and worthwhile stand-up comedy rooms and this one is no exception.

Imagine seeing Louis C.K., Dane Cook or Chris Rock when they just started doing comedy, when they were so green that they didn’t know all the “rules” and made mistakes left and right. Sometimes they’d cross the line with a joke so heinous it could never be repeated. Sometimes they’d try on a new persona and play around with the crowd. Sometimes they’d forget their punchlines and have to riff to get the crowd back on their side.

Man… I’d pay good money to see that.

From Amateur to Pro

These are the types of people who end up at the Five4Fifteen comedy show. These are comedians that are undeniably hilarious, but haven’t learned all the ins and outs of performing for audiences. They’re thirsty for success and give 110% every night.

These are the people whose idea of a great time is working on a joke about bubblegum and washing machines for a month and then delivering it to a crowd of progressively drunker people.

Amateur comedians who want to become professionals swing hard for the fences. Like Merrill from Signs they swing that bat as hard as they can. When their premise meets their punchline dead on there are few heartier laughs you can have.

And when they fail… holy mackerel! The flaming wreckage is a sight to behold — but there’s no need to feel bad for them. This is how a comedian grows.

Raw Material Documentary About Young Comics

G. Hamilton Braithwaite – Credit Elysse Deveaux

The Five4Fifteen comedy show is run by G. Hamilton Braithwaite (Producer of Montreal Mirror, Comedy On The Main, Too Much!, Danger Dulgar), a staple in the Montreal comedy scene and a notoriously funny comedian in his own right.

“At Five4Fifteen, we concentrate on new comedians,” says Braithwaite. “I find beginners who are new to the craft more exciting when they are breaking all of the rules.”

And he’s not kidding. Braithwaite is a producer and narrator on the soon-to-be-released documentary film Raw Material (directed by Elysse Deveaux, Synapse Media) that focuses on young comedians finding their artistic identity. A year in the making, it features notable comedians such as David Heti, DeAnne Smith and Sugar Sammy along with a slew of outstanding Montreal comedians.

Five4Fifteen Coming This Fall

Mark your calendars, folks. On September 11th, get your buns over to Bar Bifteck for a comedy show like no other in our fair city. Five4Fifteen is worth every minute of your time as it provides a novel experience you just can’t get anywhere else. You give a comedian enough rope to hang themselves with and you’ll be surprised at what they can do.

Support local comedy. Drink some of the cheapest beer on the Main. And, above all, laugh until you can laugh no more.

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