Host a Holiday Power Hour with these Easy Gin Cocktail Recipes

Host a Holiday Power Hour with these Easy Gin Cocktail Recipes

We decided to have a holiday office party a little early this year so that we could have an excuse to try one of three new cocktail recipes, courtesy of Bombay Sapphire and Toronto-based cocktail bartender Robin Kaufman, and the “Power Hour.”

What’s a Power Hour?

When trying to organize a holiday party, far too many people stress about what to do and what drinks to serve. The idea of Bombay Sapphire’s Power Hour is that you can prepare your cocktails in advance in a batch, without having to worry or feel the pressure of getting everyone’s order.

Just create the cocktails and serve everyone. That way you can enjoy the party and not worry about spending time making everyone an individual drink. When people walk into your party, they get a drink right away. It’s that simple.

…Bombay Sapphire gin is a great brand…

I like this concept a lot. As someone who hosts at least one large party every summer, I often find myself running around getting food and drinks for guests when I could be mingling. So when it comes to having an office party or a family and friends holiday get together where you can make one drink for all, that suits me fine!

Why are these three drinks ideal?

People often expect a standard “punch bowl” which is great but can get boring. Impress your guests and co-workers with actual cocktails. We made the first one (from the list below), the East Apple Cider and Tonic for the office. I took the photo above after making the drinks.

I’m not surprised that everyone liked it. For one, Bombay Sapphire gin is a great brand but also, Kaufman came up with the three gourmet cocktail recipes (see below) just for holidays. Bombay Sapphire can be seen as being among the most versatile of holiday spirits, with balanced flavours that make it an ideal choice for festive occasions, especially around this time of year.

A nice touch is that anyone can make these drinks. You don’t have to be an experienced bartender.

The 3 Cocktail Recipes (& Ingredients)

The East Apple Cider and Tonic

Batch Recipe
1 Bottle Bombay Sapphire East
13oz Apple Cider
3.25oz Lemon Juice
4 Bottles Fever Tree Tonic

Pour 3.25oz of batch over ice and top with 3-4oz of Fever tree tonic.

Apple slice and star anise

In Collins glass over ice

The Sapphire POM and Spice

Batch Recipe
1 Bottle Bombay Sapphire
9.75oz Spiced Grenadine
6.5oz St. Germain
13oz Lemon Juice
6oz Water (for Dilution)

Holiday Spiced Grenadine
1 cup POM Pomegranate Juice
1 cup White Sugar
1/4 cup Cloves
4 Black Cardamom Pods Cracked

The Sapphire East Snowfall

Batch Recipe
1 bottle Bombay Sapphire East
9.75oz Vanilla Syrup
9.75oz Lemon Juice
13oz Pear Nectar
26 Dashes Angostura Bitters
6oz Water (for dilution)

Vanilla Syrup
1 cup Water
1 cup Sugar
1 Vanilla Bean (split)

Vanilla Syrup Directions
(1) Add all ingredients to saucepan at low to medium heat.
(2) Bring to a very low simmer, but never boil for 10 minutes until sugar is dissolved.
(3) Remove from heat as soon as sugar dissolves and let cool.
(4) Strain syrup, and bottle. Keep refrigerated up to 3 weeks.

3 Pear Slices (skewered)

In a rocks glass over ice

Happy holidays! (And please drink responsibly).

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