Grey Goose Vodka Makes a Splash with its Exclusive Summer Soiree Party

Grey Goose Vodka Makes a Splash with its Exclusive Summer Soiree Party

Grey Goose is a premium brand of vodka that is thinking outside the box. It’s one thing to show actors in a commercial and make it look like everyone has a great time when they’re at parties which serve Grey Goose. It’s another to create a series of parties and invite a city’s who’s who (along with media) to come enjoy themselves. It’s a form of event content marketing and as an author on the topic, I can certainly appreciate its value for the brand.

Anyone Can Host a Summer Soirée Party

The concept of a summer soirée is simple: Have a fun evening with friends while drinking Grey Goose. By definition, a soirée is an evening gathering, usually in someone’s home, with the objective of having great conversations and listening to music.

While the party I attended in Montreal was replete with notables from the city, you can host your own soirée fairly easily. That’s the message that Julien Lafond, brand ambassador for Grey Goose tries to get across in my exclusive interview with him.

The Montreal Summer Soirée

While Grey Goose’s “official” parties took place in various locations across different cities, the Montreal event took place in someone’s (very large) backyard! The De Gaspé Beaubien Mansion, located in upper Westmount was the site of our event. It turns out that this family’s backyard has a waterfall and pool just large enough to host synchronized swimmers.

The party also had a couple of pop-up bars, mini-golf, a horse, and a whole lot of people. The party was fun and I encourage you to host your own event this summer, even if it’s just a BBQ with some friends. Those tend to be the best of times.

Our video should give you a general taste of the event… and it was a good one!



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