Guys We F#@$!d Duo Expound on Misogyny, Podcasting and JFL

Guys We F#@$!d Duo Expound on Misogyny, Podcasting and JFL

I had the undeniably pleasant opportunity to speak with the audio sensations Corrinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson from the Guys We F#@$!d podcast. While I was already prepared for their entertaining banter, what I appreciated, even more, was how insightful they were. More than once I regretted not having more time to pick their brains, which is a feeling you don’t often get to have. I can assure fans out there devouring every piece of information they can about these two that they are every bit as they portray themselves: open, thoughtful and hilarious.

Speaking About Misogyny

As a man, I came right out and told Corrine and Krystyna that I was already biased against their podcast when I heard about it a few years ago. Twenty-something-year-old women talking about sleeping with multiple partners… how could it possibly be good? Of course, my opinion has changed 180 degrees since actually listening to them, as it has for many men. They had this to say on the topic:

“Men have told us that they tried the podcast initially thinking it would be a turn on. But after listening to it found something else within it. It’s nice to hear men who think one thing and then after realize they don’t listen to women.”

They are explicit in saying that their goal isn’t to be activists, that their mandate isn’t to explicitly to change the hearts and minds of those steeped in misogyny. Rather, they want to be the most accurate representation of themselves. “But we do love hearing that we’re having a positive feminist effect.”

To men, it might seem counterintuitive to think that talking about favorite sexual positions and masturbation habits can help curb the systematic hatred of women… but it does! You need only listen to the reactions of some of their male guests to hear their mind gears reconfiguring themselves.

Tips on Podcasting

When asked what tips they might provide to someone thinking about starting their own podcast, their answer is concise: “Don’t.”

“People think that podcasting is easy. Set up a couple of microphones and start talking, but there’s so much more to it. It takes so much time and effort that it’s really not worth starting a podcast just to start a podcast. Only do it if it’s the outlet that makes the most sense.”

To support their point, they offered themselves up as an example.

“Podcasting makes sense for us because we would have a much harder time convincing a former sexual partner to talk to us on camera. Since it’s audio only, we can even change their names to make them feel more comfortable. That way we get more openness in their answers. That’s something that we couldn’t easily do if it was recorded on video.”

Still, though, they say podcasting is often not worth the effort.

“The nicest thing I can say about a friend’s career is that they haven’t started a podcast yet,” Krystyna adds illustrating their sentiment perfectly.

Guys We F#@$!d: The Experience at Just For Laughs

Corrine and Krystyna have recorded their podcast live before and will do so again this month at Just For Laughs Montreal, as well as at JFL42 in Toronto come the end of September.

“Our JFL live shows are interactive so that people from the audience can tell people their deep, dark secrets. Though what happens in that room, stays in that room. We want people to feel comfortable. That’s important to us.”

As fans might imagine, they are also going to perform a stand-up set as Sorry About Last Night, their initial claim to fame, which is sure to cap off what will assuredly be a memorable night.

Corrine and Krystyna end our interview with some words of wisdom when asked if they feel an obligation to continue their podcast, even if they feel like stopping it.

“We think about stopping the podcast every day. I mean, everything has to end. It’s not our responsibility to continue the podcast if we feel like ending it. It’s the audience’s responsibility to continue the conversation they say they want.”

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