The Best Harley Quinn Cosplayers: Prelude to Suicide Squad

The Best Harley Quinn Cosplayers: Prelude to Suicide Squad

With the Suicide Squad movie coming out this week, it was time to show my “collection” of Harley Quinn cosplayer photos that I’ve been working on for the past few years.

Cosplay Variations

From just a handful of outfits that we’ve seen in the Harley Quinn comic books (and her appearance in the Batman and Joker world), animated series, video game, and movie (Suicide Squad), Harley Quinn cosplayers have created an outstanding number of variations of the character.

From roller skates to heavy joker influences to elaborate versions of her mallet, there are so many ideas out there and I’ve captured about 100 of them through visits to Montreal Comiccon, Quebec Comiccon, Fan Expo Toronto, Cornwall Area Pop Expo (CAPE), and other events.

The costume choice is so hot right now that even a lot of guys are dressing up as the character.

Harley Quinn Videos

You can also watch exclusive video interviews with Betty Nukem as Harley Quinn and Cosplayer Val at Fan Expo Toronto as they discuss their costumes.

The Gallery

If you’re looking to do your own version, there are some great ideas in this batch of photos. Just keep in mind that by practicing a pose, your photos will look much more interesting and exciting. Enjoy!


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