Henn Na Seoul Hotel Review

Henn Na Seoul Hotel Review

If you’re planning a trip to Seoul, South Korea and you’re trying to decide on accommodations, this review should help narrow down your choices. The Henn Na Hotel, located in the vibrant Myeongdong district, was a great choice on my recent visit. The hotel combines modern amenities with a prime location, making it an excellent choice. Here’s a comprehensive review of what makes The Henn Na Hotel a worthwhile option. We were a couple staying there in March so it was still a little cold out but this hotel made it easy as a jump-off point to visit the city, whether walking, by train, or taking taxis or Ubers.

Hotel Amenities and Ambiance

Beyond basic comforts, The Henn Na Hotel offers a unique and memorable experience starting right from the lobby. Guests are greeted by two animatronic dinosaurs that move and “gently” roar! Instead of humans, you’re greeted by two robots that are not only fun but also functional, assisting with services like towel delivery. These technological integrations extend into the rooms where amenities can be controlled via a tablet (a basic smart hub) to adjust lighting, room temperature, and even requests for services. To be honest, when we saw the dinosaur and robot photos, that really made us want to stay here and we booked it pretty quickly. The location, price, reviews, and value seemed right at the time of booking and after having stayed there, it was all as expected.

The Room Experience

The rooms at The Henn Na Hotel, though quite small, are designed to maximize comfort and functionality within such a compact space. The beds occupy a large portion of the room’s space but still provide a comfortable sleep. I must stress that the standout feature of the room was the high-tech toilet. Yes, the toilet! It is equipped with heated seats, a bidet with warm water, air dryer option, and sound/music playback. It actually adds a touch of luxury to your stay, not to mention privacy since the toilet is actually in a separate part of the room from the sink, mirror, and shower. Additionally, the surprisingly spacious shower area complements the well-thought-out layout of such a small room.

Dining at the Hotel: Breakfast

I was actually surprised at the diverse breakfast buffet. The options definitely caters to a variety of tastes. Alongside traditional Western options like cereal, toast, and eggs, the hotel offers unique selections such as chicken nuggets and a rotation of local specialties. The breakfast setup is designed to satisfy both international palates and those looking to indulge in local cuisine.

Surroundings and Accessibility

The Henn Na Hotel is located in fantastic location. It is situated directly across from a 7-11 convenience store, which as you may know, is a major staple for tourists and locals in many Asian countries. 7-11s in Asia tend to carry more food options, including fresh food delivered daily, which you don’t typically find in Canada or the US. It was 24 hours no less which was great since we tended to stay out late and sometimes needed something like a bottle of water later at night.

The hotel was also next to an array of dining and shopping options. Attractions like the nearby night market which featured amazing street cart food, the famous Olive Young cosmetic store, and easy access to public transportation are just a few perks of its location. We took a tour of the DMZ and met up with the tour bus right around the block from the hotel. That’s how centrally located the hotel is.

Should you stay at The Henn Na Hotel?

Definitely! The Henn Na Hotel is perfect for first time tourists and seasoned travellers visiting Seoul.

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