Hodelpa Caribe Colonial Hotel in Santo Domingo Review

Hodelpa Caribe Colonial Hotel in Santo Domingo Review

While Punta Cana attracts crowds of tourists who are looking to lounge at beach resorts, many visitors to the Dominican Republic seek more dynamic experiences. After all, the country is worth is exploring with its offerings of adventure, nature, and history. Santo Domingo stands out as a unique destination for numerous reasons, not least of which is its distinction as the largest city in the Caribbean with just over three and half million inhabitants. This vibrant metropolis offers a compelling blend of modernity and rich historical heritage, setting it apart as a must-visit cultural hub.

If you’re a first time visitor, chances are you want to stay in the heart of Santo Domingo’s colonial zone. We went as a couple in February and took a chance on the Hodelpa Caribe Colonial hotel. If you’re someone who appreciates modern comforts blended with easy access to historical sites, many local restaurants and bars, parks, museums, and other attractions, Hodelpa Caribe Colonial is a top choice. Here’s a detailed review of what makes this hotel a standout destination in the Dominican Republic.

The Hotel Experience and Location

Right off the bat, we were struck by the hotel’s unbeatable location. It’s one thing to choose a hotel with an overview on a map, but it’s an entire other story to actual get there and realize that you chose a fantastic location. Literally just outside the hotel, you’ll find major attractions in the Colonial Zone, including museums, shops, bars, restaurants, and historical sites. Just a few of these attractions include:

  • Columbus Park (Parque Colon) where you’ll find lots of benches, live music, magicians, and vendors.
  • The Larimar Museum where you’ll discover how the Dominican Republic is the only place in the world that produces this beautiful stone that is used in jewelry.
  • The Cathedral of Santa María la Menor
  • Calle El Conde (A street with many shops, restaurants, and supermarkets)
  • The Choo Choo Train Tour
  • Many parks and other attractions

The hotel maintains high standards of cleanliness and service. The overall hotel itself is modern and safe. I left my luggage in the lobby on the last day and the staff assured me that no one would take it while I was out (until I had to leave for the airport) and true to his word, no one touched it! The only thing I found annoying was that we arrived a little early for checking in and they refused to let us check in so we had to come back.

Room Features

Rooms at the Hodelpa Caribe Colonial are spacious, especially for such a central, historical location where space is limited. The bathroom was clean and the shower was on the larger side. The room was equipped with amenities, including a mini-fridge stocked with refreshments and snacks. The bed was comfortable. There was a large window making it pleasantly bright in the room.

Dining at the Hotel

Breakfast at the Hodelpa Caribe Colonial offered a range of tasty options. You can choose to dine in the cozy indoor area or on the outdoor patio, which is particularly enjoyable on sunny mornings. The hotel restaurant offers meals from early morning until late, serving up savory local dishes. Breakfast was included with our stay.

Amazing Rooftop

The rooftop patio is a serene haven, offering comfortable seating and panoramic views of the city. We found ourselves going back out there many times, either for quiet escapes or evening relaxation. At one point we saw a parade going by (see photo above), while on other occasions we either had the place to ourselves or there were small groups of people just having a drink, playing cards, or taking the sun.

Should You Stay at Hodelpa Caribe Colonial?

Yes! The Hodelpa Caribe Colonial offers a charming mix of historical ambiance, modern convenience, and excellent service, all located in the heart of Santo Domingo’s colonial zone. Whether you’re visiting for a romantic getaway, a cultural exploration, or a leisurely retreat, this hotel promises a rich and satisfying experience. With its strategic location, superior amenities, and warm hospitality, the Hodelpa Caribe Colonial is undoubtedly a top choice for anyone visiting the Dominican Republic.

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