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How to Get Into The Hottest Clubs

How to Get Into The Hottest Clubs
Chirag Bhojwani

The nightlife industry is truly fascinating. There seems to be something very alluring about the combination of alcohol, music, and the wealthy individuals that spend frivolous amounts of money on what they deem as “entertainment”, and thus indulge in such elicit activities. The nightclub is often looked at as a means of escape from the rather mundane activates individuals participate in throughout the week. In an industry where wealth and status are everything, how do you get past the velvet rope?

Tips & Advice for Getting In

Dying to get into that hot new club in your city? Here are 7 Essential tips that will make sure you get past the velvet ropes.

1. Know someone at the club.
Know someone or at the very least know someone who knows someone important. Befriending a Disc Jockey or a general manager will do wonders for you at the door. Sometimes all you got to do is drop a name.

2. Dress the part
Jeans and a t-shirt might be perfect for beer or poker with the boys but if you want to get past the velvet rope, you have to step up your dress code. Most doormen are surprisingly aware of the latest trends so wear Prada, Gucci, and Louis Vutton if you have them. If you can’t afford to buy lots of designer clothes splurge on one expensive item. If all your clothes are unbranded but you have a nice belt or watch most doormen would think you have money to spend along with an eccentric sense of style.

3. Female Companionship
Men, a word of caution! – Don’t enter the club with a bunch other dudes. Bring younger women who are dressed well. In the nightlife industry women have a higher monetary or symbolic value than men, so entering a venue with them will definitely increase your chances of entry and may even get you to the front of the line.

4. Go on an off night
Everyone wants to be at the club when a superstar DJ from St Tropez is spinning or it’s the opening night of a brand new club. However, if you really want to be “Hooked” at a nightclub go on an off night. Get to know all the staff and bouncers and give them a decent tip. When the club is relatively empty people are more receptive to get to know you without the added stress that a crowded night brings. This will help increase your chances of entering the club even on a crowded night. That way if you want to impress 5 beautiful ladies on a Friday night chances are you might be able to skip the long line and go past the velvet ropes faster than you think.

5. Call in advance and book a table
Tables in exclusive nightclubs are considered status symbols. A minimum spending is required if one required a table. However, lets not forget that drinks at nightclubs are relatively expensive as well. If you are going in a large group and each of you are buying 4-5 drinks you are going to spend at least 100USD a head. Getting a bottle with a group of your friends might be economical and at the same time would most likely get you to skip the line. Again be nice to the door staff, get to know the manager and tip your waitress well, chances are even if you don’t have a table in the future you might still be able to skip the line if you make a good impression.

6. Become a promoter
Promoting at a nightclub might be the best solution to all your problems. Not only will you never have to wait in line you can get your friends to skip it as well. You will also get a commission on tables that you book for friends and a commission for each person that enters on your guest list. It’s like getting paid to party. (Yes its possible) Nightclubs are always on the prowl for new promoters so there is no harm to enquire within.

7. Hang out with the high rollers
If all else fails, make some high roller friends. At exclusive nightclubs, Regulars and other recognized elites easily slip through the door. And people related to or befriended by this “in crowd” often make the cut, too. Network as much as you can and remember burn no bridges, you never know when you will meet someone useful.

Hierarchical systems existed at the best clubs long before you entered and they will continue throughout the night. It is almost like going for an interview every time you decide to go clubbing. Follow the 7 steps and you might just get in.

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