Joverse Restaurant in Old Montreal: Where You Can Order “The Whole Damn Menu”

Joverse Restaurant in Old Montreal: Where You Can Order “The Whole Damn Menu”

Old Montreal always has a handful of hotspots worth visiting, each with its own flair. Some are more touristy while others are great for locals and visitors alike. In that vein, we recently published an article with a video where you can watch Chef Liam‘s recent interview with Dan Lima of  Rosewood. Rosewood is a bar and restaurant known for its sophisticated pub food and giant HD screen. Right next door to Rosewood is another great eatery and bar called Joverse. I was recently invited to try their unique concept called “The Whole Damn Menu.”

What is “The Whole Damn Menu?”

The idea is that at any given time, when you go with five to seven friends, you can share every item on the menu. The menu I tried had 15 different items but that may vary as the options will change. The price is $198 + tax + tip.

You sit down, order drinks, hang out with your friends, and just order “The Whole Damn Menu.”

I laughingly contrast this to a going to a sushi restaurant with six friends where it could take us half an hour to decide on what we want. The concept here has the opposite effect. You sit down, order drinks, hang out with your friends, and just order “The Whole Damn Menu.”

The Joverse Menu

Here are photos from my outing. Note that the main photo (see above) is a churros with chocolate dip which is on the menu. Also, I have posted a bunch of photos below but it is certainly not representative of the entire list of menu items.


Guacamole, dip, and homemade tortilla chips.



Korean BBQ chicken wings… a tasty version of this classic.



Chips with cream cheese, chipotle and green onion dip.



Aurelie Colomba from Clin d’oeil magazine enjoying the whole damn menu!



Crab cakes (snow crab, roasted tomato and red pepper chutney, green onion chiffonade, and micro coriander).



Babette (5oz steak with mashed potatoes).



Spicy brisket tacos (BBQ brisket smoked for 24 hours, habanero BBQ sauce, napa cabbage, micro coriander, and corn flour tortilla).



To me, pears are usually “ok, meh, whatever” but I have to say that this pear-based cocktail was as good as they come. Absolutely delicious. This is not part of “The Whole Damn Menu” but I recommend ordering one.



Another photo of the guacamole, just because! LOL!



Hamachi tartar.



The crowd!



Joverse has a stocked bar.



An impressive selection of wine.

Should you go?

Yes! Review the photos and if the concept is for you, then go! Joverse is a trendy Old Montreal restaurant and bar with an extensive selection of wine. I enjoyed the food and the concept of having one “damn menu” really simplifies things. The restaurant is located at the edge of Old Montreal, just south of Downtown Montreal so its pretty central to hang out in either area afterwards.

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