Meet Julien Lafond: Grey Goose Vodka Brand Ambassador

Meet Julien Lafond: Grey Goose Vodka Brand Ambassador

With over a decade of experience as an international leader in education, consulting and bartending, Julien Lafond knows how to host a party. In this month’s Spotlight Interview, we caught up with him while he was in Montreal for the Grey Goose Summer Soirée party . Get an exclusive look into what it takes to be a brand ambassador, along with tips on how to make great drinks for your next party.

What inspired the Grey Goose party concept of going from city to city?

I think what’s interesting about this year is the opportunity we were given to host these events. We really wanted to be able to share the love with all the people who support us throughout the year. Being able to go from city to city enables us to not only visit all of you, which is great, but also gives us the chance to invite friends, family, all the people that care about us, but also gives the people who might not know us as well that we can get on board to show them what Grey Goose is all about.

What do you hope to achieve by hosting these types of events?

We hope to share with everyone the message to “Fly Beyond” and reach for greatness – through whatever we do in life, so to speak. What’s great for us is to be able to host this amazing event and invite everyone under the same roof to appreciate the great environment. We hope that everyone here enjoys such a great night, which helps elevate Grey Goose in a different way.

Tell us more about the different types of drinks we can try at this event.

We want to give everyone here the chance to experience new flavours with Grey Goose vodka. That’s why we created a large variety of drinks by pairing the Grey Goose flavoured vodka with a variety of different fragrances, herbs and citruses.


Brian Rotsztein with Grey Goose brand ambassador Julien Lafond at the VIP Summer Soirée party.

Are the mixed drinks too complicated for most people to make?

We want to create simple drinks that our friends and family can all easily put together, while at the same time giving the bartenders here new and fresh ideas they can recreate.

How do you make Grey Goose stay relevant?

We hope that by using fresh ingredients, our Grey Goose flavours or Grey Goose original, we can create something new for our guests to try that is not only very flavourful, but is also a big step up from the classic Grey Goose and soda.

What are the best fresh ingredients you would recommend?

With the large variety of flavours that Grey Goose has to offer, there are many combinations available. Currently, I’m drinking a mix with Grey Goose La Poire, our pear-flavoured vodka. This drink consists of adding an ounce to an ounce and a half of Grey Goose La Poire to a glass filled with nice big ice cubes. Add some Perrier mineral water, squeeze in some lime wedges and discard them, to which we add a lime wheel to the edge of the glass and a twig of rosemary. All these flavours combine perfectly into a very aromatic drink. The fresh rosemary complements the Grey Goose La Poire perfectly and the hint of lime adds the acidity, freshness and brings everything together.

Thank you for your time.

My pleasure!

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