Kumpan Electric Chooses Montreal to Promote its Eco-friendly Scooters

Kumpan Electric Chooses Montreal to Promote its Eco-friendly Scooters

Designed and built in Germany and brought first to our wonderful city in Montreal, Kumpan’s electric scooters are unlike any vehicle you’ve ever tried.


The 1954, 1950 and 1953 Kumpan Electric Scooters launch in Montreal.

Retro Style

Powered by powerful, cutting edge battery technology that rivals the Tesla, this eco-friendly firm wants you to get around town on two wheels and have fun doing it in style.

For the Urban Commuters

Their first ever North-American store just opened its doors in the Old Port of Montreal on Queen street. With three retro-styled scooters on offer, Kumpan appeals to urban commuters. You can opt for the 1953, a single-rider model, a slightly bigger 1954 model that can carry up to two people, or the stand-up scooter for zipping along sidewalks and bike paths at up to 30km/h!


The 9kg battery can be carried with its strap for easy recharging indoors.

Cutting Edge Technology

The scooters are perfectly silent and can achieve a driving range of about 45km per charge. Each of the two sit-down scooters come with a single battery, but can accommodate an additional two, giving you a maximum range of about 145km in total. The batteries come with a neat strap, allowing you to bring it in to work and give it a full charge in about 2h.

Curious? Test drive it today!

Nothing beats the feeling of actually getting on one of these stylish two-wheeled vehicles. Kumpan’s website lets you book a ride of any of their three models. The prices range from about $2000 for the 1950 stand-up scooter to around $4500 for the bigger, 1953 and 1954 models , and Kumpan offers a variety of color choices and accessories to really suit your taste and style

You can fold this model to put into your trunk.

You can fold the 1950 model to put into your trunk.

First Impressions

As the proud owner of a Ferrari-red Vespa 50cc, I was impressed by the power and smoothness of the 1953 and 1954, but was particularly delighted by the 1950 model, which folds down to fit neatly in the trunk of a car. Bringing out their inner child, this scooter instantly put a smile on everyone’s face who test-drove it.

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