The Maxim Grand Prix Party Was Epic

The Maxim Grand Prix Party Was Epic

Back when physical magazines were common and popular, and I was in my twenties, I had a subscription to a Maxim. The model photos, articles about gadgets I could hardly afford as a poor student, and the monthly thrill of just receiving the latest issue made it worthwhile. Jump forward two decades later and the thrills came from attending Maxim’s first ever party in Montreal. I may be older, but I still love a good party and covering this one for my own magazine, albeit an online one, was exciting.

From the red carpet experience to dancing with the musical guests, and everything in between, the Maxim Grand Prix Party was certainly a success. I can’t imagine any other party during Grand Prix weekend being as fun as this one. Make no mistake, this was a high profile party. Tickets ranged from $175 into the thousands.

Wyclef Jean put on a stellar show, including making his way through the crowded audience as he continued to sing. Kim Lee DJed a great set.

The party had the requisite entertainers and circus acts making the rounds. F1 cars and uniforms were on display. Kim Lee and others played great DJ sets, although the true standout was Frank Walker how nailed it! Wyclef Jean and Tpain performed tremendously. PK Subban took the stage with Wyclef which further excited the crowd. Throughout the night various sports and Hollywood celebs could be found such as Tennis star Eugenie Bouchard and Casey Cott (from Riverdale) , respectively.

There was no shortage of circus acts and unique characters performing everywhere you went.

The event was a tremendous success and I could hardly imagine being at other events that night, knowing this epic one was taking place.

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