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Austin Model Lorenza Jaimes

Austin Model Lorenza Jaimes

The August Spotlight Interview is with model Lorenza Jaimes. Find out about ambitious modeling career, her favorite sexy looks, and more in this exclusive interview!

Where are you from?
I was born in Mexico and raised in Austin, Texas.

lorenza-jaimes-1What’s your family background?
Mexican American.

How did you get into modeling?
My now best friend DJ Shields who is the agent of #1 celebrity photographer Michael Vincent found me in the MySpace Days years back. He went through my portfolio and selected me out of thousands of other models, to come do a photo shoot in Las Vegas. Shot a few more times with them in Los Angeles, and recently in Dallas Texas. I just love their work.

So you have a close relationship with them?
I consider them my family because they opened my eyes and always told me to chase my dream. They have seen me grow into the woman I am today. The rest is about to be history!! I cannot wait to show the world what I have under my sleeve.

You say that you can be “100 different girls” as a model. Which one(s) would you prefer to be?
The “girl next door” and the “sexy fantasy dream girl.” Most men love those looks so I think it’s only right to keep them happy!

Give us a fun fact about you.
I secretly write down rap verses I come up with, in my iPhone notes. So much for it being a secret anymore! If you’re lucky, you might hear me spit a rhyme or two. But you have to catch me in my best mood for that. LOL!

What is the most common question that people ask you?
What is my nationality. I’m so light skinned that people always wonder what ethnicity I am or if I’m mixed with a different nationality. They freak out (in a good way) when I start speaking fluent spanish. I don’t have an accent and my English is perfect so it throws them off a bit. I think it’s funny.

How long can you stay away from your cell phone without going crazy?
I’m a workaholic so all my business calls are through my cell or emails. I constantly check both every 5 minutes, so really like never! LOL!

Name anyone, alive or dead, who you would love to meet.
I really wish I was able to meet my grandmother, She passed away before I was even born. My mother spoke very highly about her. I feel like I could’ve learned a few things from her. Not to mention I was named after her and I’m blessed to be named after my grandmother Lorenza.

Worst pick-up line used on you?
“I wish I was crossed eye so I could see you twice.”

Tell us 1-3 things every man should know about women.
Every man should know that women love a guy that is romantic, loyal, and not to mention full of surprises.

Give a shout out to your fans…
I’d like to give a huge shout out to my fans, friends and family for supporting me and my dreams. You guys are my backbone and the reason I don’t give up. Special thanks to Citynet Magazine for their time on interviewing me. Love you all!!! [Editor’s Note: Does Lorenza rock, or what?!].

Favorite upcoming projects?
Right now, I’m helping my little sister Lucy Aria push her swimsuit line called Le’qua Swimwear. We will be flying all over the world doing fashion shows. First one is on the 24th of September 2014 at The Cavalli club in Milan, Italy (aka Milano). For the Furring Fashion week, everyone is invited.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I’m currently a Real Estate student so I see myself selling million dollar homes and hopefully get my first cover of a Nationwide/International magazine.

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