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Michigan Model Markesa Yeager

Michigan Model Markesa Yeager

You’ve seen hottie Markesa Yeager in Playboy… need we say more?! Find out what she loves about partying at the Playboy Mansion, her favorite drink and more! Enjoy!

Where are you from/live now?
I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

When did you get into modeling?
I started modeling when I younger, about 10.

When did you get your Playboy start?
Playboy started when I was living in Florida. A friend of mine out there is a photographer who often works with Playboy and he asked me to pose for him.

Describe your Playboy experiences.
I have a lot of fun at the mansion parties. I get to meet a lot of cool girls.

Best Playboy memories?
My most memorable Playboy experience was probably a summit they do. It was im Miami and the girls I got to spend that weekend with were awesome!

What is it about being featured in Playboy that excites you?
EXPOSURE! [Editor’s Note: Great answer! It means so much for so many different reasons!]

What type of photoshoot (theme/location) would you love to do?
I would LOVE to do a safari theme and pose with elephants and zebras.. my dream shoot!

What do you think is your sexiest body part?
I would have to say my sexiest body part is my big toe on my right foot. Haha! Just kidding! Maybe my arms! 😉

How long can you live without a mobile device by your side?
I’d love to say a full week. A great as it feels when I don’t have my phone. I also feel so lost. These are the days of social networking!

Are you into sports?
I don’t watch too many sports on t.v. but get me to a game and I cheer, holler and have a good ol time!

Are you more of a guy’s girl or a girl’s girl?
Most definitely a girl’s girl!

Favorite drink?
Dirty martini extra dirty extra olives! Yum!

Do women get catty around you?
It has happened but girls get catty with other girls all the time! I ignore it. I don’t let it get to me or ruin my day.

Favorite place to vacation?
I do love South Beach and Newport Beach as well but I’d love to go to Fiji or Greece!

Favorite karaoke song?
I don’t do the whole karaoke thing unless I am completely intoxicated! and at that point any song will do! 🙂

Give us a fun fact about you.
I like to wake up in the morning, jump outta bed, and start my day off by doing the robot dance! Hehe…!

Best or worst pick-up line used on you?
WORST: “Damn girl you got enough booty for bofus!”

Describe your ideal date?
Well, my best date so far was my boyfriend made me dinner while playing Frank Sinatra. Following dinner, he got a hot bath ready for us with candles lit and then followed with a lil cuddle wuddly and u know what’s next. Just straight out of the movies romantic. I love when a man can put little details romance together like that. I am easily pleased but taken over when a man can put his heart into something he does for me 🙂

Tell us about your best night out partying.
I love to dance. Being with my girlfriends, not a care in the world and dancing the night away in some 6 inch stilletos!

What’s the most common question that people ask you?
People always ask me where I am from. A lot of people think I am from another country. I hear I look exotic and I guess I don’t look like the typical all American blonde.

Dead or alive, who you would love to meet.
I would love to meet Ghandi. Just the spirituality and pure knowledge I would love to have half of that.

Give a shout out to your fans…
Thank you to all of the people who follow me and support me. It means everything to me! Espcially my fellow Saginaw, MI peeps! <3

Favorite upcoming projects?
I have three large campaigns coming up! This is going to be my biggest year yet and I am so excited because my modeling career is taking an extreme turn and is leading me into the dreams I always hoped for but wasnt always sure could happen. and now everything I could have ever imagined and more is going to happen for me! I am very blessed with all that is coming my way 🙂

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I am a hard worker. I am starting a couple businesses right now and hope to have them grow very big! Who knows, maybe I will even get married by then! 😛

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