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Fashion Model Cherie Wimberly

Fashion Model Cherie Wimberly

Cherie Wimberly’s incredibly diverse looks have spearheaded her career as a popular fashion model and cover girl, leading to modeling gigs for hundreds of publications, and landed her acting roles on TV and in movies. We say she’s in line to be the next supermodel!

Where are you from?

Miami, Florida, born and raised!

Describe your younger years.

Let’s put it this way… I was the tall, skinny girl with braces who always did great at spelling bee’s, so I was definitely picked on as a kid. There came a point sometime after the braces came off when I filled out and the boys stopped trying to look over and copy my schoolwork and started looking at me, thank goodness!

How did you get into modeling?

The first modeling job I ever did was in high school for Burdines department stores on the weekends. A photographer spotted me at one of the shows there, took some pics, and from then on I knew that modeling was what I was meant to do. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford not to work full time once I was on my own, so I ended up working as a secretary until I was about 20. Once I had saved up enough money to go a couple of months without working I quit my “real” job to be a model. Two weeks later I was shooting a layout for Elle magazine, and I never looked back.

What’s your greatest talent?

I think my greatest talent is my determination and drive. Once I set my mind to something, I always try to see it through. And I truly believe that we all have it in us to accomplish whatever we desire!

Have people recognized you on the street based on your ‘celebrity status’?

I don’t think I’ve reached celebrity status at all, but once in a while people do come up and ask if I’m a model, if they’ve seen me on TV, etc. Mostly if people recognize me they just stare like they’ve seen me somewhere and they’re trying to figure out who I am. It makes me self conscious, like I have food stuck in my teeth or something… lol

You’ve acted in Baywatch Nights, Frasier, the movie Bad Boys, among others. Any memorable experiences? What was it like working on a Baywatch set?

The thing I remember most about Baywatch Nights was getting to meet Carol Alt, one of my supermodel idols. She is so beautiful and nice in person (as is Will Smith). But the most memorable experience I’ve had was working on General Hospital. It was a trip to be there and meet all the people who I liked watching on the show. I even made a call from my dressing room to one of my best friends back home (a huge GH fan) and said – You’ll never guess where I am! That was pretty awesome.

Have you attended private model parties? Late night partying craziness?

The craziest model party I think I’ve been to was at The Donald’s mansion (yes, Trump). There were tons of models there and a huge disco room out by the pool. It was gorgeous and we had a blast dancing all night! I would venture to say at some model parties there is other stuff that goes on, but you’ll always find me on the dance floor shakin’ my groove thing.

You have that supermodel look (and work experience), would you consider yourself to be a supermodel? What is it like be worshipped by so many fans?

I consider myself a professional model. Technically speaking in model lingo that means a model who has worked full time for a living, and “supermodel” means you have some type of cosmetics or product contract, so I guess I didn’t quite make it to that level yet. But I am open to offers (wink).

Enlighten readers as to what it feels like to be in Vogue, Cosmo, Elle, and the dozens of other magazines you’ve been featured in (or on!).

It’s a little strange and it can be fun. Lots of times you never get to see your work if you’re doing catalogs or ads, especially for foreign countries, so it’s nice when you can pick up a copy of yourself at the local store. I had done a few covers of mags in England and never would have seen them if a friend hadn’t been over there visiting. He called me up and said, hey, I’m looking at a picture of you right now on a magazine cover, you want me to buy one for ya? That was pretty wild.

Do women get catty around you?

Not really, no – but I do see it going on around me. I’ve always been able to get along with women and men, so I just don’t get involved in the mix (meow, that is).

In the “Ask Cherie” section on your website you offer advice about modeling, pageants, health & beauty, and other fashion and entertainment industry topics. In a nutshell, what would be the best advice you could offer?

I think the best advice I can offer to anyone is stay focused on what you want to accomplish and know what it will take to get you there. Lots of people want to jump into this business without really knowing what it’s really like or what you need to do to be successful at it (and more importantly what you don’t need to do).

CherWear (ShareWare for computer geeks!) is a great idea! How did that come about?

The idea for CherWear started out when I would go shopping and see t-shirts that said “I stole your boyfriend” or “boy toy”, things like that. The design of the shirts may have looked cool, but I really didn’t like the slogans, or to see teenage girls wearing them either. Then I got to thinking it would be nice to make my own designs and put things on them that an actor might say, or a crew member, etc., and my little hobby of computer graphic design evolved into CherWear. Voila!

Best experience in your job?

Traveling the world and meeting hundreds of people.

Worst experience in your job?

Traveling the world and meeting hundreds of people.

What’s the greatest risk you have ever taken?

Quitting my job to start modeling full time, that was totally scary and my parents freaked, but I think it ultimately worked out pretty well.

Choose any 3 words to describe yourself.

smart, witty, loving

What’s the most common question that people ask you?

What products do you use on your hair, face, etc? … That’s why I started working on a beauty guide with my own personal secrets to looking great on a tight budget.

What do you want the world to know about you?

That when I think about some of the things I’ve accomplished (and the fact that I’m sitting here actually answering interview questions) I can’t believe that a dorky little girl like me could grow up to be so blessed and so lucky, plus that I am very down to earth and don’t take myself too seriously.

If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?

Right now, a few thousand gallons of gasoline. [Editor’s note: The price of gasoline was breaking records around North America at the time of this interview.]

Favorite place on the planet and favorite vacation spot?

New York City – what a great town! I’ve loved it since I was a kid, it’s a very exciting place even when you’re working. For a vacation spot I would have to say – any place where there’s a big, fast roller coaster.

Pet peeves?

Rudeness, reckless drivers, girls with hairy underarms.

It’s 12:01am. What are you doing?


Thong vs. regular undies?

Pants or shorts = thong / Skirt = regular undies. To me the reasons are obvious.

A day spa, a flight in a F-15 fighter jet or passionate animal-like sex?

I would have to choose the F-15, cause that’s the only thing I haven’t done yet… lol

What’s your policy on one night stands?

I’m SO not that kinda girl.

Any secret pleasures?

Double fudge brownie sundae… mmmmmm

Would you describe yourself as more dominant or submissive in bed?

Hey now! I love interviews, but a girl’s got her limits (lips-R-sealed)

Ever hooked up with anyone on the job (photographer/other models, etc)?

No, I haven’t. What’s that old saying? Oh, yeah… Don’t sh*t where you eat.

Favorite body part on men? On your own body?

Men – the neck and shoulder area
Me – the part that never stops talking

Favorite upcoming projects?

I am about halfway done with production of my own calendar, which will hopefully be released this fall along with my beauty guide, and you can catch my mug in all kinds of clothing catalogs and ads right now. And as always, CherWear is growing and will release new designs for Back to School this summer.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Taking a nap… just kidding. Actually I am hoping to cultivate my look as I get older and continue working, probably as a catalog and lifestyle model, and there could be more writing in my future – the beauty guide is just the first in a series of books I would like to complete. Then there’s that part of me that of course would love to meet someone and have my own family someday. You know, it’s hard to predict what cards life will deal you, but whatever I end up doing in 5 years, I know I’ll be living day by day with my friends & family around me and having lots of fun!


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