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American Wedding’s Amanda Swisten

American Wedding’s Amanda Swisten

This month, Citynet Magazine proudly presents model and actress Amanda Swisten. Her role as Fraulein Brandi in American Wedding (American Pie 3) and the flood of opportunities that come from the movie is going to turn Amanda Swisten into a household name!

Where are you from?

I am from NYC/ CT / VA . Right now I live in West LA on the water. I love it!

What were your childhood and teen years like?

Interesting. lol. My childhood was great.. I was a major Tomboy. Grew up in Connecticut and Virginia. It was full of innocence, great snow storms, tree forts, prank calls, pimples, and everything else that is part of growing up… and lots of pets, always. I was a big swimmer/athlete and I moved schools quite a bit, so everything always stayed new and interesting!

In American Wedding (American Pie 3), you played Fraulein Brandi. What was it like working with the now well-known cast of the American Pie movies?

They were wonderful… all very real people with a lot of personality. No big egos or star attitudes there. It’s like the kids you grew up with, is all. Treat everyone equally!

What’s the most common question that people ask you?

What I do to keep my figure, my skin care secrets, and good ol’ Hollywood gossip, of course…lol

Best experience in your job?

Traveling to Brazil for 3 months to do a Pepsi commercial / campaign. I went all over Rio, Copacabana, Florianopolis, and really got to know the people and culture!

Worst experience in your job?

Dealing with some major attitudes and a pervert here and there.

Greatest talent?

Not a good question to ask someone like moi….lol. I don’t know… If you ask me, it’s my ability to never change as a soul. To be the same person always, and loving and kind to all people and forms of life. I love people and really don’t have a mean/jealous bone in my body. This is it, honestly. I can say I am a good individual and have a heart of gold. If I died tomorrow, that’s what I would want to be remembered for… And my sense of humor!!!

Favorite website?

I don’t think I have one, actually… there are so many awesome ones out there. There is a lot of great information on the WEB! However this is also a lot of misinformation as well.

Pet peeves?

People who treat others like **** . Those who forget what life is about and look down upon others or use them to get ahead and have ulterior motives.

How old were you when you had your first kiss?

16…old, huh? lol

Thong vs. regular undies, and why?

Definitely thong! My reason for these is because regular panties give you a wedgie eventually, anyways.

Secret pleasures?

Many!!!! Pizza, bagels, jellybeans, skittles, sour gummy bears, Harleys, fast cars; True crime books/hows, forensics.

Are you more dominant or submissive in bed?

Depends on my mood.

Ever hooked up with anyone on the job?


You’re being filmed. You’re hooking up with another woman. You’re bungee, jumping. Choose one. Why?

Depends… lol. I had to kiss a girl in ” The Girl Next Door” (20th Century Fox… due out this fall/winter)

Favorite upcoming projects?

American Pie 3 (American Wedding) and The Girl Next Door. I have supporting roles in both. They were my first two big studio films and the first two studio films I ever auditioned for. 2 very good experiences!! Lots of work.

It’s 12:01am. What are you doing?

Probably listening to talk radio, reading, going over/preparing a script/audition, or watching forensic shows on Court TV/ The Learning Channel!!

If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?

Honestly? Eternal happiness and peace and self contentment. I actually think I am close to it right now. I want my happiness to transcend the physical and materialistic. I would love to have a family one day. I know I will be a great mom!

How did you get into models/pics/acting?

An agent came up to me in a mall one summer when I was with my mom. I was a young teen. They asked me to come up to NYC and test. It was fun… I did it for a bit, then stopped, to be a normal kid. I started again in my later teens, and moved up there. The acting bug was always in me. I love old films, plays, etc etc. I was too shy, however… So it wasn’t until I started modeling a bit, that I came out of my shell. I decided to start taking classes in NYC when I could and went to UVA drama school at 16 y.o. Then I moved to LA and have continued to study hard.

What do you want the world to know about you?

I will always be the same Amanda. I know Hollywood can PACKAGE us all to be unattainable, perfect, aloof, dumb, etc..etc.. But those who know me, know me as a real person, true to my word and extremely loving and caring and selfless. Also, that I love what I do and I am an artist in many ways. I write, draw, paint, act, sing, do interior design, etc… I really don’t care about the fame too much. It is a false sense of security, if you think about it. If I make it big: great! If not: great! I am sure that there could be something else out there that I am more suited for. I have rich and famous friends, and a lot of times, they have many more problems than those without those things. Life is too short not to have many great experiences.When we die, it doesn’t matter how famous we are or how much money we have… it’s the memories we have left in the hearts/souls around us . I am extremely spiritual, as you can tell. I KNOW very strongly, that this is only a very small part of the big picture.

Your ideal man?

Yikes! Great sparkling eyes, a true heart, an animal lover, masculine hands, someone athletic, honest and open! Rougher on the outside and a big softie on the inside!

Favorite cities/countries?

I LOVE to travel. NYC ( I was born I am partial..) Venice, Italy. London, England. I also love Austria and Germany.

Have you felt your ‘fame’?

I am pretty unknown. It’s not like a lot of people come up to me and want my autograph. But people do ask if I’m “Somebody??” (It’s funny, because we are all “somebody!!” lol) I haven’t gone as far in modeling as I could have… not done a lot of modeling on covers of magazines or the political stuff like Sports Illustrated and stuff… I have been bored of it, in all honesty, in the last few years… It got unchallenging for me, when things really started to take off. A light bulb went off: I knew I was in the wrong profession. There is so much more to me than just the physical. Don’t get me wrong, I love to model and find it a form of acting without words, etc. I have gotten to travel all over the world, make $$ and meet many fascinating people… .But as far as a full-time career, it just hasn’t been interesting enough for me. I am very creative and need more of an outlet.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Acting and writing!… still. Hopefully married, and maybe have a baby! I also do interior design on the side( a secret passion!) So I will definitely be keeping that up and expanding!

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