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Sister Models: The Howe Twins

Sister Models: The Howe Twins

It’s been a while since we featured twins but we’re proud to present these sisters, straight out of the UK! The Howe Twins, Melissa and Carla, have been everywhere lately and you’re bound to see a lot more of them in coming months. These lovely talents are in and out of L.A. and doing their thing in countries around the world. Check out this exclusive interview where they discuss their celebrity friends, ideal men, and more!

What were your teen years like?
Our teen years were a lot of fun and we were always getting into trouble…not a lot has changed in that department. We hung around in a mixed crowd and had a lot of male friends!! Mum dressed us the same or similar up till our primary years, we are into the same fashion and even when we don’t wear the same we like the same brands!!

How did you get into modelling?
We both got into modelling because we love posing and dressing up in front of the camera from a young age.

What has been the best gig so far?
Best gigs so far have been interviewing stars on the red carpet for Playboy at the infamous House of Blues in Hollywood.

Which celebrities do you two love to hang out with?
So many to name… we have lots of friends in the industry of sports, music, and actors.

Have people recognized you on the street based on your celebrity status?
Most people recognise us, especially when we are out in Clubs in the UK and in the States.

How are you two alike? Different?
Our personalities are slightly different and we have the same career goals, and our taste in men are so far apart! LOL!
Melissa: I have more attitude!
Carla: I’m more in ya face and out there! LOL!

Are you fraternal or identical twins?
We are identical twins. We are also mirror twins Melissa is right handed and Carla is left handed in holding a pen to write!!

Do people mistake you for one another?
We get mistaken all the time for each other especially if we are wearing the same outfits. Our voices sound the same on the telephone and we have been known to play tricks on people!! Double trouble LOL!

What’s your greatest talent?
Being creative  and having fun!

Worst experience so far in the entertainment industry?
Being promised work in the industry and it doesn’t pull off. However, this only makes us stronger to succeed more.

Favourite place on the planet?
Favourite place on the planet for us has to be Miami. It’s hot, sexy and a great place to escape and release any stress!!

Describe your wildest experiences. Are you big partiers?
We bring life to every and any party we attend and when we are out having fun people know what’s hit them! LOL!
Melissa: I broke my leg on my 21st Birthday party hosting in Hollywood!
Carla: We both had tattoos in Vegas. Our friend Vince Neil took us to his tattoo shop after a few too many shots of Patrone! LOL!

Name anyone, alive or dead, who you would love to meet/hang out with/get to know.
Melissa: Tyra Banks. She is an amazing model who has created a business empire.
Carla: Marilyn Monroe. She was an amazing iconic figure who brought so much presence behind and in front of the lens!

If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?
To live life to the full and be healthy. We have worked hard to achieve our goals in life and we will continue to work on the next best thing!!

What’s the most common question that people ask you?
How did you get to where you are at and who are we dating!

What do you want the world to know about you?
We are The Howe Twins and an unstoppable force. We want to thank our supporting and for believing in us!!

Have you ever dated twin guys?
No, but we have met the Atl twins and they do similar work to us and they have asked us out. LOL!

Your  ideal man?
Melissa: I can’t reveal his name but let’s just say no Hollywood attitude, nice personality, swagga and Athletic mmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Carla:  Someone who is funny and into similar things to me.

Any favourite upcoming projects?
We have a lot of projects lined up this year. We can reveal we have feature parts in Snoop Dogg’s High School Movie due out soon!!  We love to tweet so follow us for all our latest info on twitter @TheHowetwins

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
World domination…..

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