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World Series of Poker Star Nicolette Shea

World Series of Poker Star Nicolette Shea

This month, we proudly present Nicolette Shea. This hot Vegas poker star is the dream babe you’ve been hearing about. Find out where you can meet her, get the latest info on her Playboy appearances, take in her poker tips and more in this excellent interview!

Where are you from/live now?
I am from Roseville, CA but now live in Las Vegas, NV.

How did you get into modeling (and Playboy)?
I got into modeling through poker actually. I met some people along the way that kept telling me I should go ahead and do it.

How did you get into poker?
I got into poker through my friends that taught me how to play. I had always loved watching poker on ESPN even though I did not fully understand it and had a huge interest in learning more about it.

Did you know that poker tournaments are male dominated?
I had no idea that so few women played when I had first started.

Do people underestimate how good you are because of your looks?
I’d say that this happens quite frequently until they get to know me. I’m quite aggressive at the poker table. Most women poker players are stereotyped for being tight-passive. Meaning that they don’t play a very wide range of hands pre-flop and they are very likely to fold easily post-flop.

Is that how you play?
I have never played like this because my original background is in heads-up (one player against one player) and not full-ring (full-ring is 9-10 players) where you are forced to play more hands and be more aggressive because each hand you are either the small blind or the big blind which creates more action. Hence, passive players do not do well with this type of structure!

Best memory from the Ladies Event Tournament at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas?
My best memory from the World Series of Poker were my some male poker players I know showing up dressed as women and entering the tournament. Every woman would clap and cheer as they got knocked out of the tournament. Needless to say, I don’t think they appreciated them very much. There was also a choreographed dance routine that consisted of a bunch of female players before the start of this tournament!

Any poker tricks you want to share?
A poker trick is to simply not give off any tells. A tell is something that you do that sends a signal to the other player that communicates you are weak or strong during the hand. In other words, likely to fold or call if he goes all in. You want to avoid conversation with the opponent, not give off any information, and don’t give off any body language signals. Everything you do is being watched and analyzed. Have a poker face! (:

Will you go crazy wihout a cell phone?
I have to use my phone all the time! It’s how I stay connected, go on shoots, talk to my friends, and navigate!

What do you think is your sexiest body part?
My curves. I like my tiny waist.

Favorite place to vacation?
I lived in Maui when I was 18 and I always enjoy going back to the island for vacation. It’s beautiful and I love watching the sunrise at Haleakala volcano.

Give us a fun fact about you.
I love protein shakes! I typically have one everyday before or after my workout. Some people hate them but I think they are so yummy!

Worst pick-up line used on you?
I was at World Series of Poker at the Rio over the summer and I had a guy who went by the name of Gypsy walks up to me and goes “I need back what you stole from me!” And I said “what is that?” and he replied “My heart!” and looked at me with a sad face.

Describe your ideal date.
I think being romantic should be pretty simple. A movie walking hand in hand, followed up by a gondola ride at the Venetian Hotel & Casino Las Vegas or maybe even a trip to the top of the Stratosphere for some thrill rides, or a day trip to the beach. I think that when you date it is important to be best friends first.

Tell us about your best night out partying.
My best night out was in the beginning of August- Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Playboy Mansion. It was so beautifully lit and looked like something out of a dream! I got to meet great people, hang out with some of my friends, and eat the greatest food.

What’s the most common question that people ask you?
People typically ask me how tall I am first. I am exactly somewhere in between 5’10” and 5’11” I enjoy being tall and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Give a shout out to your fans…
Thank you to all of my fans on the Playboy Member Forums, those of you who have visited my website, and liked my facebook page. I really appreciate everyone and I’m very excited for my new pictorials coming out in October for Cyber Girl of the Month. I also want to thank all of the talented photographers I have had the opportunity to work with, Ric Moore who took the very first shots of me, Arny Freytag who shot my Cyber Girl of the Week, and Josh Ryan who shot my Cyber Girl of the Month October 2011. Thank you for all of your love and support and I really appreciate your kind words.

Favorite upcoming projects?
I will be at Sign of the Times on October 1st, 2011 to sign autographs and meet and greet with fans so please come out! My Playboy Cyber Girl of the Month airs on October 7th. I am also creating my own charity program called Real Models Reach Out, a program with Real Models traveling to help other people across America. For more information on this please visit my website or if you are a model and would like to participate with me please email -Thank you!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I would love to travel the world, stay healthy, and start my own business, be a makeup artist, teach awareness, and help others.

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