Montreal Apartment Rent Price Check for Tenants

Montreal Apartment Rent Price Check for Tenants

Given how expensive life is quickly becoming in Montreal, and across Canada, this is a new feature where we will periodically provide details about the cost of renting. This could be especially useful as an apartment rent price check is for tenants looking to possibly move to the city, or within the city. If you haven’t moved for a few years and now want to find a new place to live, you might be in for a price shock. Tenants should really consider their choices carefully when deciding on what’s important to them.

Location Within Montreal

Keep in mind that the location within the city is important when it comes to regional variation in prices.
  • Downtown Montreal: This area is generally more expensive, just like most cities because of the convenience it brings. Living here means you’re closer to retail stores, the metro, bus and trains, nightlife and entertainment, restaurants, bars, festivals, bike lanes, universities, business districts, sporting events, and other amenities. You pay a higher price for convenience but also because there is generally high demand for apartments near these amenities. If you want to be close to “the action” in Montreal, you pay a premium for it when it comes to rent (or condo) living. So being near the Bell Centre, Place Ville Marie, malls like the Eaton Centre, and downtown universities (i.e., McGill, Concordia, UQAM), make it a pricier decision.
  • Suburbs: Rental prices in more suburban areas vary widely, but you can often get more affordable places to live and larger spaces.
  • Emerging neighbourhoods: Some neighbourhoods are going through transformations, usually in the form of gentrification. Areas that are undergoing development maybe a little more affordable in the beginning but as they construction and changes set in, prices may rise significantly.

When you consider the average prices by property type, note that apartments and condos tend to be similarly priced, often within about 10-15% variation (according to Renting rooms within in a dwelling are much lower (often 40% lower, according to Zumper).

Montreal Rent Prices

Here are rental prices based on apartment type. Obviously it’s not meant to be all-inclusive but rather just to give you a sense of what apartments cost in Montreal.

According to Zumper, an online rental platform, here is the average rent:

Apartment rental average rate: $1,835
Studio apartment
: $1,526
One-bedroom apartment: $1,761
Two-bedroom apartment: $2,355
Three-bedroom apartment: $2,832
Four-bedroom apartment: $3,374

If you want to live on the South Shore, compare the Montreal median rental price of $1,450 to $1,339 in Brossard. So you can live across the bridge and drive in, take the metro, or try the REM.

Montreal Versus Other Cities

According to, in April 2024, these were some of the highest rent rankings across the country. The higher the ranking, the more expensive it is to live there. The following is based on average rental rates of all property types blended into one for calculation and comparisons purposes.

1. North Vancouver: $2,704
2. Vancouver
: $2,633
3. Toronto
: $2,471 (areas surrounding Toronto take up the next 6 spots with similar prices)
12. Ottawa
: $2,038
21. Gatineau
: $1,762
22. Montreal
: $1,747
23. Calgary: $1,707
26. Laval: $1,596
30. Winnipeg: $1,365
31. Edmonton: $1,339
32. Quebec City: $1,288

In comparison to nearby cities like Ottawa and Toronto (GTA), Montreal is more affordable rent-wise.

Canadian Average Apartment Rental Price

According to, here are the average prices of renting an apartment given data from the entire country in April 2024.

Apartment rental average rate: $2,117
Studio apartment
: $1,568
One-bedroom apartment: $1,926
Two-bedroom apartment: $2,332
Three-bedroom apartment: $2,614

Overall, Montreal isn’t too far off from the national rental rates but tenants should be aware that these are still high prices in general.

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