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Highlights from the Montreal Medieval Fair

Highlights from the Montreal Medieval Fair

One of the largest medieval festivals in Canada took place in Montreal this weekend at the Centre Pierre-Charbonneau. The three day event, known as Montreal Medieval Fair (Salon de la Passion Medievale de Montreal), brought fans of the genre together to socialize, celebrate, practice their skills, and buy clothing and paraphernalia.

Increasing Demand

Newbies and veterans alike walked through the show. With movies like Lord of the Rings, the Harry Potter series, 300, and shows like Game of Thrones, there is a clear growing interest in and demand for festivals like this.

One feeling I got from walking around and talking to people is that enthusiasts within the community really love what they do. Dressing up and being a medieval cosplayer is only part of the fun. LARPing (live action role playing) is clearly becoming significantly more popular as weekend trips is taking off. During these getaways, people make up a character and take on the role throughout the weekend.

What Went On

The event consisted of exhibitors selling a range of items that cosplayers and LARPers might want (or need!) such as metal armour, leather gear, fur, crystals, magic wands, masks, costumes, jewelry, clothes, swords (metal and safer foam versions), and so on.

Aside from the two vendor rooms inside, tents were set up outside where people could buy food, practice their axe throwing, take a fencing lesson, shop for clothes, watch group battles, and basically get a hint of what life was like in medieval times (with various demos). There were several musical acts playing music that suited the event.

Overall, the event was a major success and if you are the least bit curious about anything related to the above, I suggest a visit to the next one.


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    Robert Campbell

    June 3, 2015 at 3:23 am

    do you think these people ever watch GoT?



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