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Backstreet Boy Nick Carter Interview (& Win Tickets to his Montreal Show!)

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter Interview (& Win Tickets to his Montreal Show!)

Nick Carter is back in Montreal, with his “All American” tour. He is promoting his new album, All American, along with the recently released single, “19 in 99,” a pop tune about his Backstreet Boys glory days. We got an exclusive interview with the former Backstreet Boy and you can win free tickets to the show!

Date: Wednesday, March 16, 2016.
Time: Concert starts at 8pm (Doors open at 6:30pm).
Where: Metropolis (59 Sainte-Catherine East) March 16th.

How to get free tickets: Visit our Facebook page for details!

Exclusive Interview with Nick Carter

Staying relevant in the music industry is especially difficult. How do you make sure that your sound stays true to what you are known for yet can still evolve to match the times?

My sound has evolved over the years, but I’ve always remained true to who I am. My album ‘All American’ is lighthearted, filled with a lot of stories – some true, some not true.

Do you follow fan trends?

I keep an eye on what the fans are into. Their opinions are what matter most to me.

All of your adult life and most of your childhood has been spent in the public eye. Does being a celebrity still feel special or has it become who you are?

It will always be special. I’ll never take it for granted. I don’t see myself as a “celebrity”…. I’m kind of a nerd haha!

Which movie role would you prefer: being an action hero or playing a superhero?

Tough one, I love both kinds of movies. I’d have to go with super hero. I’ve gotten a lot of Clark Kent comparisons lately when I wear my glasses onstage during my ‘All American’ tour so I think I can pull that off.

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