Nightclubbing on a Budget

Nightclubbing on a Budget
Rick Adams

It’s easy to spend more than one-hundred dollars while out clubbing. Being the life of the party is fine if you have a disposable income. If not, you can still have plenty of fun without breaking the bank. The first rule to clubbing on a budget is starting the party at home (or at a friend’s house).

Pre-Clubbing Drinks

There’s no getting around the fact that drinks at a club are expensive. You can avoid running a very high bar tab by having a cocktail or two at home. If you live far away from the club you intend to visit, skip the home cocktail hour (you’ll save more money by not taking a taxi). If you can take public transportation or walk to a club, go ahead and pour a few drinks before you step out for the night.

Not only do pre-clubbing drinks prevent you from spending too much money, these drinks will also help you get into the clubbing mood. Since most clubs don’t become packed until later in the evening, starting the party early is a great way to loosen up before you go out.

Try to Avoid Cover Fees

The first evening expense you will encounter when clubbing is a mandatory cover fee. Cover charges are a popular way for a club to gather funds from the start. Even if a few club patrons don’t drink any beverages, everyone has to pay a cover fee. If you can find a club without a cover charge, you will save money.

If the club you really want to go to has a cover charge, try to get your name on the guest list. You can get on a guest list by contacting the manager of a club, and asking if you can purchase a bottle or rent a table for the evening instead of paying a cover charge. If you travel with a group of friends, splitting the cost of a bottle and a table will be a lot less expensive.

Drink Carefully

Mixed drinks are tasty, but these great concoctions are also expensive. Order beer is a much cheaper alternative to ordering a number of mixed drinks. If drinking beer isn’t your style, you can limit the number of mixed drinks that you can order. Alternately, you can order non-alcoholic drinks.

Sometimes, purchasing a bottle of alcohol is less expensive than buying a number of mixed drinks. Check out club drink lists before you head out for the evening. Also, it never hurts to call a club manager and attempt to arrange a discount bottle price. It is possible to go clubbing on a budget, but it takes a bit of planning and know-how.

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