The Official Men’s Guide to Buying Lingerie

The Official Men’s Guide to Buying Lingerie

This is the official men’s guide to buying lingerie for girlfriends, wives, and sexy lovers! There is something unique about lingerie that makes both women and men get excited by it. For men, the way lingerie accentuates the feminine curves of a woman’s body are certainly a turn-on. There’s also the playful and stimulating look of a revealing undergarment. From a woman’s perspective, wearing lingerie can help them feel desirable and sexy, so it’s a win-win situation.

For the above reasons and more, lingerie is an excellent gift choice that is outside of the realms of typical gift choices. Men are used to giving chocolate and flowers because they’re easy, convenient and proven. Well, it’s time for a change! With lingerie, you’re stepping up and saying “I know what I want” and standing out from the crowd. Not to mention that a hot romantic encounter is sure to follow.

Increasingly, men are realizing that lingerie is the gift that keeps on giving. Lingerie tells your girlfriend, romantic partner, sex partner, and/or spouse that you desire to be intimate with them and want to see them in something that makes them look their sexiest. This gives lingerie a powerful ability to set a romantic encounter in motion. Women who look sexy also feel sexy, and the right lingerie can help make her feel her best. Needless to say, men also benefit from the way their significant other looks sexy apparel.

What to Buy?

There are a number of areas to focus on when it comes to choosing lingerie. There are different types of lingerie based on the body part you want to highlight and the overall look you’re going for. So, what should you be looking for?! That’s the key question that men ask themselves when they’re searching for that elusive gift. Here is some advice for men that will go a long way toward impressing their woman!

Online Lingerie Stores Make Life Easy!

Crowded shopping malls and retail stores make the already daunting task of finding the right lingerie uncomfortable. Luckily, lingerie can now be found easily online. Online retailers also usually ship lingerie in discrete, plain boxes to help keep your lingerie shopping a secret.

But there are more factors that make lingerie a tricky choice for men who want to offer it as a surprise. Some confusing elements of lingerie are the wide variety of styles, materials, and lingerie names.

Types of Lingerie

Because of the universal appeal of sexy, quality lingerie in a relationship, men need to become more educated about lingerie and how to purchase such apparel. Listed below is a selection of the most common types of lingerie.

Push-Up Bra

One type of lingerie that we’ve probably all heard of is the push-up bra. The main attraction to this type of bra is its ability to add more cleavage, helping to enhance that feminine look.

Baby Doll

Another popular type of lingerie is a baby doll. A baby doll has a classic style that is perfect for those who want something sexy, but not too risque. Baby dolls are often available in combination with thongs or g-strings to make a complete sexy outfit.

Garter Belts

Garter belts and garter skirts are a popular choice for their really sexy look. Garters are available as a separate belt, or come attached to skirts or camisoles to make a sexy outfit even more stylish. When attached to a pair of stockings or thigh highs, the look is unmistakably sexy, while still maintaining a level of elegance.


Panties are the essential type of lingerie. Panties are available in everyday cotton basic, or more risque types. The most popular kind of panties among men are thongs since they provide a little more revealing look, while also providing a panty that is feminine, girlie, and even playful. A low-rise panty can also provide an excellent look as it hangs slightly lower off the hips than other types of panties.


Men can’t go wrong with a camisole. A cami provides a more conservative, classic style, but is available in a wide array of cuts and materials to maximize sexiness. A camisole is also lightweight and comfortable, which makes it a great choice to ensure your partner is comfortable. It’s also a good choice when you’re afraid something else might be a little too sexy.


Corsets have also gained in popularity. Despite their old world charm which can easily conjure up images of the Victorian era, modern corsets have changed significantly over the years. The materials have become softer and more comfortable and feature silk, lace, and satin to provide not only comfort, but also style. The corset has become trendy for its ability to accentuate a woman’s curves, giving a sexy and feminine look.

A corset complimented by a pair of stockings provides the ultimate sexy ensemble.


From the corset evolved the bustier. This garment is sort of a hybrid between a bra and a corset. It is similar to a bra, but also extends lower on the torso. Sometimes a bustier may reach to the navel, or perhaps all the way down to the waist. Bustiers often have boning to give it a more rigid look throughout the middle and lower portion of the bustier.

Most lingerie is available in an array of colors and materials to provide you and your partner with the look that will truly heat things up. From cotton, to lace, to leather, there is a material that’s right for every preference.

But knowing the types of lingerie available is only part of what a man needs to know. After all, what’s the point of getting your companion a thong if she doesn’t even like thongs? The key to knowing what she would like requires a little bit of research.

First, look at other types of lingerie she owns. If she already has a corset, for example, chances are that she is comfortable with that style of garment and would be open to having a similar type of garment, but perhaps in a different color, material, etc. If your wife or girlfriend does not have any other lingerie to compare, simply look at the rest of the clothes in her wardrobe. What colors does she like to wear? Does she like looser, lighter clothing, or perhaps tighter or sexier styles? Finding the answers to these questions will help you surprise her with lingerie that you both will enjoy.

Lingerie Sizes

Sizing may also be a difficult issue. Luckily, many lingerie items are available in One Size Fits All designations, making things a little easier. Generally, most lingerie will only require you to know Small, medium, and large, which is a simple way to determine size. Also, many garments are also available in Plus Size which helps anyone find the size that is just right.

Don’t shy away from getting something that looks fun and different. However, make sure you avoid garments that you love, but know she won’t like or be comfortable in. The beauty of lingerie is that it has the ability to stimulate both you and your significant other, so keep her tastes in mind too.

Randall Stephens contributed portions of this article.

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