Thomas Sabo’s Love Bridge Line Includes Personalized Jewelry

Thomas Sabo’s Love Bridge Line Includes Personalized Jewelry

I love the idea of personalized jewelry. Earlier this year, I attended a workshop at Le Den where I thoroughly enjoyed creating my own silver ring (which I called “Precious!”). It was a great experience but took time and effort. So I was excited to see that the one of the latest lines at Thomas Sabo was designed for use with their new jewelry engraving machine.

Who’s Thomas Sabo?

Founded by Thomas Sabo himself in 1984, the company and namesake has grown from its focus on silver jewelry in Germany to an internationally known manufacturer and retailer of jewelry, watches and beauty products.

The company offers an array of products ranging from budget-conscious to lavish.

The Love Bridge Line

At an exclusive Thomas Sabo event, I received a one-on-one walkthrough of the brand’s latest collections. Several stood out to me but perhaps my favourite was the Love Bridge line.

The brand’s “Make Memories Last” slogan was the foundation of their newest approach to bracelets and necklaces for both men and women. That is, engraving a 925 sterling silver filigree bar or round pendant with a personalized message.

What will your message say?

The message can be anything you want, as long as it fits. In my case, I requested “Citynet Magazine” (see above), bit you can add your own messages such as your lover’s name, significant date, an inside joke, a love message, a nickname or anything else you can think of.


As I always say, people love the word “free” and the engraving is complimentary along with the purchase of one of the jewlery items in the line.


The Love Bridge line by Thomas Sabo.

It’s Easy!

Choose your bracelet from the options above, type your message onto an iPad screen and watch the machine do the rest. The entire process takes around 10 minutes.


The Thomas Sabo engraving machine lets you customize and personalize your message.

Where can I get it?

Thomas Sabo stores in Montreal can be found at Carrefour Laval and Place Rosemere. In Toronto, Thomas Sabo retail shops are in Downtown Toronto (on Yonge Street) and the Yorkdale Shopping Centre.

You can also get customized jewelry on their website.

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