Rent Your Own Private Jet

Rent Your Own Private Jet

Few things in life are considered more luxurious in the travel world than flying in a privately chartered jet. Flying is the best way to travel long distances in a short time and it is obviously easier than ever to find cheap and discounted airplane tickets and even free plane tickets among the major airline carriers.

But what about for those who are looking for something a little different? Private jets are becoming the modern popular way to fly, especially among celebrities, the party crowd, corporate executives, and the wealthy.

Celebrity Private Jets
With so many people obsessed with celebrities and just about everyone wanting to know about the comings and goings of celebrities, it’s no wonder so many travel in private jets. It’s difficult for the paparazzi to stalk them as they fly in style and in privacy.

With increasingly more private jet services becoming available, people are turning to brokers who act as personal travel agents for your private jet experience. The best ones will provide all of the details that you want to know about: Safety regulations, security issues, timing and availability, plane types, options (such as a bedroom, shower, jacuzzi bath tub, flying with your pets, power outlets, etc) and pricing.

The Best Way to Charter Jets is through Brokers
Booking your plane is much easier than you might think. There are some sketchy private jet owners and pilots but most are legit. Newbies frequently don’t know who to book with and so it’s important to ask the right questions such as whether the pilots follow FAA regulations. Make sure the company will only broker deals with the safest and most security-conscious pilots.

Why Go Private?
The current reality is such that in many cases, it is a pain to travel by air if you have to go through regular public airline airport security check-ins. Today’s long list of constant delays, airport security workers treating every senior citizen with a tube of toothpaste in their carry-on bag like a terrorist, last-minute flight cancellations, and baggage loss are often quoted as reasons for switching to private airline carriers.

Last year, many private jet companies received more inquiries than ever regarding flights from LA to New York to the UK to the Middle East to Asia and around the world! The simple reason is that if you can afford it, luxury travel through private jet charter services is a safe, easy, efficient and convenient way to fly.

Moreover, passengers can save time by landing closer to the exact destinations that they wanted, and not be restricted to the major airlines’ schedules. Also, you don’t have to push your way through 250 strangers on the plane. Now that’s a reason all on its own! Many large corporations charter business jets regularly. The efficiency can certainly save valuable time.

The Cost
Needless to say, chartering your own private jet is not cheap. A flight from New York to Tel Aviv, Israel can cost $50,000 return (it’s about a 10-hour flight). Shorter flights such as California to Miami can be $10,000-$15,000. Considering that there are several people in the US who become millionaires every single day, private jets are THE way for the nouveau-rich to fly!

Private Jets & Bachelor Parties
Is it worth it? Yes! Can you afford it? Probably not alone. That’s why private jets are great for bachelor parties! Flying to Las Vegas or Montreal, two extremely popular hubs of bachelor party fun, while splitting the bill with the “boys” is the way to go! Depending on how many people are in the party, different sizes of planes can be requested. Also, different jets have varying luxuries so if you book a flight, be sure it includes the features that best suit the group’s needs. The brokers should be knowledgeable enough to give you options.

A Unique Gift
Going on a date? Trying to impress someon? Consider how romantic it would be to fly your significant other to their favorite city or for the weekend to a city on the other side of the continent. That’s one heck of a unique Valentine’s Day surprise gift!

Looking to Buy a Private Jet?
You’ll have to get in line! The current wait for private jets is over 2 years. That’s right… 2years! Regular airlines are offering discounts and cheap flights but they are still filling up many planes. That’s because the aviation industry is in fact booming, despite what you hear on the news.

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